Actors That Made Their Directorial Debut in 2019

Directing is a whole business altogether in the movie industry. Having to direct one’s first film is always a milestone in an actor’s career. This year, some brilliant actors have seized the opportunity to acquire rights and to direct their first films. Here’s a shortlist of some of them.


The forty-nine-year-old heartthrob made his directorial debut this year with the sequel to Living In Bondage— Living in Bondage: Breaking Free and we must say, he did an amazing job as a director. The action in the movie is top-notch and the applause is well deserved. Well done, Ramsey.


The Nigerian-British actor makes his directorial debut in the movie, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, an adaptation of a book of the same name by Bryan Mealer and William Kamkwamba.

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After years as an actor and producer, Funke Akindele makes her debut as a director in the EbonyLife film, Your Excellency starring herself and Akin Lewis in lead roles in the social-media-driven political comedy. The movie earned 15.7 million nairas in the first two days. Impressive indeed, we do not expect anything less from Funke Akindele.


The Slumdog Millionaire star will make his directorial debut in the forthcoming movie, Monkey Man which production began Spring 2019.


The Meet the Adebanjos star makes his directorial debut in the hit film, Don’t Get Mad, Get Even. Wale Ojo fits into every role he plays and always excels and it is no wonder that he’d excel at directing as we see in the 2019 debut movie.


Thandie is set to make her debut as a director this year with her upcoming movie with proposed title, One Crazy Summer adapted from a book of the same title.

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Jamie Foxx will be adding director to the list of his roles in Hollywood when his debut movie, All-star Weekend comes to the screens. The upcoming sports comedy-drama written and directed by Foxx is one that we look forward to.


Nnaji’s directorial debut happened in December 2018 with her movie, Lionheart. Nnaji’s work is worthy of special mention. After her debut production in 2015, Nnaji makes her directorial debut with Lionheart and even goes on to having a nomination at the Oscars (Although, this didn’t work out as expected due to the rules of nomination). However, Lionheart was a great work of art and originality. Many Kudos to Nnaji!


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