Darkseid May Appear in Justice League

At the conclusion of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice it became apparent to audiences and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne that something, or rather someone else, was coming. In the wake of Superman’s death and Bruce discovering the existence of more possible heroes, he and Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will look to assemble a team to stop whatever threat is on the horizon.

Justice League will bring Steppenwolf to Earth and see the new heroes try to work together to save the world. However, as many have expected, Steppenwolf is only the beginning of a much larger threat that Darkseid will pose. There has yet to be any word as to how or even if the ruler of Apokolips would appear, but now the first details on how he will factor into the story may have been revealed.
During a recent Periscope session, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez disclosed some details regarding Darkseid’s role in Justice League. Gonzalez, who was one of many journalists to visit the set of the movie, says that Darkseid will be shown, but not necessarily heard. These scenes will possibly come near the beginning of the film or during flashback sequences, but he is unsure what direction exactly they are taking. He does note that this is based on previous (read: not recent) information he’s heard, so there is a possibility this could change.

Even if WB and director Zack Snyder decide to switch up how Darkseid makes it into the movie, it would be quite surprising for him not to appear. Speculation has long pointed to the Darkseid appearing in Justice League with his uncle Steppenwolf showing up, but not figuring to be the overarching villain of the universe.
If this information is to be believed, there is no need to be concerned over the fact that there is no actor currently attached to play the character. Darkseid will require a largely CGI or motion capture performance to be brought to life and if he is not speaking, WB can simply use any number of people to be a stand in for the purposes of this film – similar to how Damion Poitier “played” Thanos in The Avengers post-credits scene before Josh Brolin took control of the character.
Hopefully, if Darkseid is only set to have a small role, something slightly bigger than a cameo in the film, WB will not show him off before hand. Doing so could confuse some when it comes to figuring out who the true villain of the film is. Ultimately, while Steppenwolf may be the physical villain the League faces off with, it should be Darkseid’s plan and rule that is leading his uncle’s attack. This not only gives WB a chance to save Darkseid for Justice League 2 or later, but instantly sets him up as a powerful and controlling presence in the universe.
Source: Screenrant
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