Black Panther Wakanda Forever Review [Spoiler-Free Review]

black panther wakanda forever movie review

Is Black Panther Wakanda Forever worth watching?

Not many movies can pull off a series of deafening silences in a movie theatre. This is not because it is boring or people are distracted, but because they are so absorbed in their emotions that they almost forget to breathe. That was my experience watching Black Panther Wakanda Forever.

Everything you loved in the first movie, you’d get again, so instead of talking about the cast, costumes, set design, and direction, I want to focus on the story.

The movie doesn’t focus on giving fight scenes that’ll thrill you , instead it dared to do something different, it was very story and character driven.

It’s one of the very few movies in which you can totally understand each decision every single character made in the movie due to the weight the decision or the lack thereof carries.

Beyond that, writer Ryan Coogler, from the very beginning, wrote a script that baited you like a fish to a hook, and reeled you in through a plethora of emotions.

Even more amazing was how the theme of the movie being “Grief” made you deal with it like the characters dealt with it; by going through all the stages of grief.

And you wouldn’t know you are going through all the stages until at the absolute end when you breathe out and realize that you have just gained acceptance and hope.

It’s one of the most compelling movies I have watched and it was really good to see the expansion of “what African culture could’ve been”  and how rich the Mayan culture is.

The dynamic between Shuri and newcomer Riri Williams was reminiscent of the Tony Stark – Peter Parker, Doctor Strange – America Chavez dynamic and it was good to see that continue in Phase 4.

Tenoch Huerta’s take on Namor was delightful to watch and I can’t wait to see him in future MCU Avengers movies.

I particularly enjoyed how the movie depicted how not-so-different the surface world is from the deep, and how even with all our physical differences, the feelings and emptions that make us living beings still remain.

I’m still amazed at how the script was written because you can almost imagine how it would have been if Chadwick Boseman had been alive to play T’Challa, yet you’d still be perfectly okay with how the script was rewritten without him but with him in mind.

I’m being totally honest when I say that Black Panther Wakanda Forever is everything and more you’d want in a sequel.

Is Black Panther Wakanda Forever worth watching? Yes, it is. It’s a perfect way to end MCU Phase 4 and I give it an B.


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