Black Don’t Crack: Top 5 Actresses in Nollywood History Still Going Strong Today


Her remarkable competence and sophisticated intelligence makes her one of the  toughest yet strategically talented women in the industry. With her enthusiastic  and incredible ability to handle certain roles in various films, Joke Silva remains one of Nigeria’s most successful actresses.  She is passionate, high-strung and ambitious. From “the secret laughter of women” , “the amazing grace” to several others, Joke is one unique piece of a special breed.


An original, cerebral and intellectual woman who possesses an inquiring, critical and analytical mind. One can simply say that Onyeka is self-reflective, philosophical and soul-searching. She is  very opinionated and she’s really good when It comes to balancing the scale of music and motion picture. Onyeka is an achiever and she continues to write and sing songs about drastic issues in our various communities.  She has her way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others.


Ambitious, direct, passionate, fiery and drop dead gorgeous. This Nigerian star has been giving us different flavors of absolute beautifulness since thy kingdom come. Beneath the calm nature of her natural physique, Genevieve is remarkably resourceful and multi-talented; one might even call her “the jill of all trades” with regards to film. Genevieve’s achievements in the industry are exceedingly compelling and there is no doubt that she is completely worthy of attention .


As an entertainer, a wife and a mother, Omotola possesses a mysterious and amazing font of confidence. Omotola’s most prominent qualities are audacious, uniquely talented, adorably dazzling and straight-from-the-shoulder direct. She is thoroughly in command of herself without ever being conspicuously dynamic. Omotola is a woman of character, inventive and full of high inspirations.


Kate possesses an artistic  flair and “gift-of-gab’ which makes her a natural entertainer. With her upbeat and often inspiring personality, Kate easily attracts people from all walks of life due to her ability to easily adapt to which ever movie character she illuminates. Kate is so much more than a single-skilled specialist. She is a star actress, mother, politician and a fitness expert.

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