‘Vanguards Union’ Mixes Fiction with the Harsh Realities We Live In

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For the past two months, I’ve been reading Comic Republic’s Vanguards Union and I’d have dropped this review sooner, but I wanted it to pile up a little so I’d get a sense of where the story was headed to be able to give an objective enough review.

Following the events of issues 8 and 9 of Guardian Prime, some gods/goddesses, and rulers are on a revenge mission to destroy Lagos State the way GP destroyed two of their ‘comrades’. Leading the charge is Mami Water.

4 issues in, and so far, I’m loving the way the story is progressing.

Every important character is getting his/her arc and with everything that’s happened, it still feels like the calm before the storm because they haven’t banded together as a team yet.

It’s like the characters have individual stories happening in the comic and these stories will lead them to each other to team up and take down foes that can wipe the state off the map. Also, I love how even though it’s fiction, it’s still grounded in the realities we readers know & live in.

The art is so, so good and the colouring is exquisitely done. There was a particular panel in issue 2 that caught my attention. The way the pink glow reflected on each character and object really hit me. It was well-detailed.

I also love the fact that the heavy hitters (Guardian Prime, Eru, Aje) have been more or less out of the real equation as this is giving other characters enough time to shine. And no spoilers, but my mouth was open for seconds after finding out who Aje’s best friend is…plus they don’t seem to know ‘their selves’.

What I’m confused about, however, is how strong Mami Water is (if she’s the main villain of this arc,) because she seems like a foe the likes of Guardian Prime, Aje, and Eru won’t have difficulty defeating and it feels like that’s why the heavy hitters haven’t really been in the story so far.

The story, again, is well thought out. Vanguards Union has given us more info about the heroes in the Comic Republicverse than their solo comic books have.

I’m hyped about Vanguards Union by the Comic Republic and it’s definitely worth reading. The comics are available on Comic Republic’s website and Mobile Application.

Meanwhile, you can watch a video explaining how strong Guardian Prime is below and subscribe to Cinema Shed’s YouTube channel

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