7 Nigerian Superheroes Inspired by Marvel and DC Characters

Imitation, they say, is the greatest form of flattery and this has held true in the comic book industry for decades. Whether it’s Marvel creating Deadpool from DC’s Deathstroke, or vice versa with DC’s Aquaman inspired from Marvel’s Namor, it’s always been a thing.

Here in our budding comic industry, the same also holds true.

Guardian Prime & Superman

Guardian prime and supermanBoth are the most overpowered superheroes in their respective universes with feats others can only dream about. They both also have moral compasses so right, their very presence inspires hope.

Aje and Scarlett Witch

Aje and Scarlett WitchJuju/Magic comes in various forms and both Aje and Scarlett Witch have it in bounty. All they need to do is speak and reality itself will bend to their powers.

Power Boy and Superboy

Power Boy and Super boyBoth are super strong (but not as strong as Guardian Prime/Superman respectively), have a knack for wearing T-Shirt and jeans to battle, and are more or less the defunct powerhouses of their respective teen superhero groups.

Max Speed & (Pre-New 52) Kid Flash

Max Speed and kid FlashBoth characters are the teenage speedsters of their respective groups as well. The same holds true for the current African-American Kid Flash in DC Comics.

NuTech and Cyborg

Nutech and CyborgTeletechnopathy, genius level/super, super computer intellect, can hack into and transform any tech they want into anything they please. And when you factor in their “puns” and “catchphrases”, you’ll see that they’re more alike than you can imagine.

Eru & Ghost Rider

Eru and ghost riderThe first thing you notice about these dark, antihero characters is that they both evoke fear. They both fight dimensional/spiritual beings and have an array of powers and abilities that can make even the strongest beings fall. Coupled with their respective stares that can make you see all your fears and sins respectively.

Colonel Jade Waziri & Original Colonel Nick Fury:

Colonel waziri and colonel nick furyBoth characters are 100+ year-old soldiers, who command the most covet team on earth. They have secrets, they always know everything, and are damn good at being good soldiers, you almost forget they’re human sometimes.

And like Nick Fury is the man behind the curtain of The Avengers, Jade Waziri is the woman behind the curtain of The Vanguards.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t to illicit any “they stole or they lack originality” discussion, it’s to help you make informed decisions on what you might enjoy reading in the Nigerian comic space. Like, if you love Superman, then you’ll enjoy Guardian Prime, etc.

Also, if you’d like to hear my thoughts on who would win in a battle between Superman and Guardian Prime or Max Speed and Kid Flash, head over to my YouTube channel page now.


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