Matrix Resurrections Movie Review: A Tough Dose of Nostalgia to Swallow

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Nostalgia is a powerful thing and in many ways, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s one thing humans love because we get to re-experience the good feeling we had, at that time, all over again. It’s a sign that we have lived and are still living.

When done wrong, however, it can do more than sully the good memories you had of the nostalgic events. 

Matrix: Resurrections played heavily on nostalgia and Director, Lana Wachowski, put a lot of effort into making this the major strategy of the movie, from the dialogue, script, set designs, to the fight scenes/stunts.

What the director failed to realise was that sometimes, there needs to be a driving force behind nostalgia; a purpose for all of it. And that is where the movie failed to deliver.

I may be among the 10% that actually liked the movie. It was easy to follow compared to the original trilogy. You only need to watch this movie once to fully understand the story. And while the original trilogy relied heavily on delicious fights, and industry-changing stunts and VFX, Matrix: Resurrections focused more on delivering a good story with as much drama as it had fights.

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But the one thing I struggled with, which I think is the reason a lot of people hated the movie, was the fact that it felt like a pointless sequel. One would think a resurrection needed to happen because there was a world-ending threat that required Neo and everyone else to save the day, but that wasn’t the case.

If it was, then I failed to see it and that says a lot. 

The story progressed beautifully; hitting us with waves of nostalgia while moving forward in a manner that’ll get you hyped to see why Neo had to return, but it failed to live up to that in the final arc when you realise why the movie was made.

It wasn’t bad, it just left me asking if we needed it. The ending of Revolutions was a more perfect way to end the Matrix story than Resurrections.

Is Matrix: Resurrections worth watching? I did enjoy the movie and you probably will, if you can let go of the afterthoughts. 

It’s not a bad movie in general, but it’s definitely the worst Matrix movie ever.

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