9 Marvel Comics You Should Definitely Check Out

fear itself marvel comic

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has played a huge part in making people more interested in reading comics. So if you want to get lost in the pages of comics to find out what your favourite superheroes have been up to, here are 9 complete Marvel comics you should definitely check out.

Doctor Strange Herald Supreme:

doctor strange herald supreme marvel comicGalactus is a being who feeds on planets (for a reason I’ll state at a later date), and now he has been set loose in Dormammu’s Dark Dimension, where the energies of the planets are imbued with magic and darkness that corrupts the destroyer of worlds himself. It’s up to Doctor Strange to stop him before he destroys the entire Marvel universe.






Civil War 1:

civil war marvel comicTony Stark and Reed Richards have a plan to curb the rise of superheroes and villains; reveal everyone’s identity to the world. However, Captain America and some other heroes are against this, which tears earth’s heroes apart, choosing sides, fighting themselves, and losing more than they bargained for. (P.S: the movie didn’t do up to 1% justice of the greatness of this comic.)





Superior Spider-Man:

superior spider-man marvel comicPeter Parker goes around like his usual self, doubling as Spider-Man and saving the community, but unknown to everyone, it is Doctor Octavius Octopus that’s in Peter’s body. Now Peter’s subconscious has to find a way to take back control, while Doc Oc sets out to prove that he is a far better and superior Spider-Man to Parker





Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four:

fantastic four marvel comicProbably the best F4 comic arc I have ever read. Reed Richards was faced with a single problem; how to solve everything. And in doing so, he came across his greatest foe ever; himself. Now he must rely on family and enemies like Dr Doom to help him save his beloved planet. Franklin Richards showed his true power in this comic, and it also gave us one of the best dialogues between Spider-Man and young Franklin Richards, and a dialogue-less yet beautiful issue.





House of M:

house of M marvel comic“No More Mutants”, those were the words a broken-hearted Scarlett Witch uttered which shattered reality and wiped out 90% of the mutants on earth. Now the X-Men and The Avengers must put aside their differences and come together to fight and possibly defeat a corrupted Wanda Maximoff.




Secret Empire:

secret empire marvel comicCaptain America has always been a sleeper Hydra Agent and since being activated, he has taken control of the military might of the earth and is a ruthless dictator who in some strange way, has made the earth more peaceful because everyone fears him. The superheroes are building resistance and must face an evil Mjolnir-wielding Captain America to restore freedom to the world.




Fear Itself:

fear itself marvel comicOdin’s biggest secret has been revealed. His brother and rightful ruler of Asgard, the god of fear, is free and now spreading fear and hammers that grant the chosen ones powers beyond their imagination across the nine realms. It’s up to Thor to stop this evil even if the legend has it that this fight may cost him his life.





Planet Hulk:

planet hulk marvel comicFearing for the damage the Hulk may cause if he rampages, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Xavier, Doctor Strange, and Reed Richards send the beast to what they thought was a peaceful planet, not knowing they’d sent him to a war-torn planet where he has to fight in a gladiatorial arena as a slave to survive.



War of the Realms:

war of the realms marvel comicMalekith the accursed has taken over 10 realms, laid waste to Asgard, and now has the full military might of 8 realms ready to lay waste to Earth. It’s up to Thor, the Avengers, and other heroes to fight the full wave of Frost Giants, Demons, Trolls, Orcs, Dark Elves, and more to keep Earth from getting conquered and defeating Malekith once and for all.






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