Opinion: Thoughts on DC Making Jesus Christ A Comic Character

DC Comics made a grand decision to make a comic story (or probably a line of comic books) about Jesus Christ. And although the decision has been met with heavy criticism, marches, rallies, and more, here are my own thoughts on the issue.

I think it is wrong for DC to do that because I am coming from a place of personal bias, being a Christian, but I also don’t think we have the right to judge them.

There are many gods, like Odin, Thor, Hercules, Zeus, Bast, and different pantheons from all over the world in comics and we all rush to read and enjoy their stories when they are published by comic book industries worldwide, so why are we not keeping the same energy when it comes to our own God?

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The way we are feeling right now is probably the way people (no matter how small the number) who worship any god that appears on the pages of comics may have felt (and are still probably feeling). We have read Superman take on Zeus and even almost defeating him, we have seen Thor do some strange things, and there are many misrepresentations of gods that we consider myths (even though there are still people worshipping them till now) in comics, movies, and more. We cheer when all this is happening, but when it comes to our own, why are we now taking a step back?

It’s like the case of getting an injection. We laugh our asses off when we watch our friends cry, flinch, and squirm during the process of the needle going into their skin, and it’s really fun to watch until it is our turn to get an injection.

It’s wrong, yes I know, but if you have ever (and are still enjoying) comics of other gods, then do we really have a right to judge? Should DC go on to publish the comic, read if you want to read or boycott if you feel personally offended. But remember, when you pick a Thor/Wonder woman/Zeus/Vertigo/or supernatural comic, then you are just as guilty from the eyes of those who still worship the gods being used as characters in those comics.


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