8 DC Comics You Should Definitely Check Out

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post on Marvel comics you should definitely check out, and there was no way I wouldn’t have done one for DC Comics. So below are 8 DC comics you should definitely check out.

The stories are pure, sincere, gritty, dark sometimes, and details what it means to be a superhero in the world of DC. [Scroll below for the list]

Eyes of the Gorgon – The storyline behind the infamous Wonder Woman: Bloodlines comic. Diana’s rogue’s gallery unleashes Medusa on the world and only Wonder Woman can take down the raging monster, even if she has to lose her life to do so.








Green Lantern: Blackest Night – The Green Lanterns try to avert the prophecy of the war of the lanterns to avoid the resurrection of Nekron; the black lantern of death, who seeks to destroy all living beings in existence.





Crisis on Infinite Earths – The Anti-Monitor sweeps through the multiverse, destroying all in his path. His brother, The Monitor, enlists superheroes and gods from different universes to stop him.






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Batman Rebirth – The current run of Batman comics sees the Caped Crusader battle The Joker, Bane, Riddler, his father, and the other members of his rogue’s gallery in Gotham City.






Injustice – Superman goes mad after losing Lois and his unborn child because of Joker. He turns into a violent dictator, wanting to eliminate all criminals and people who oppose him… including Batman.







Flash Rebirth – The current run of The Flash comics sees Barry Allen get poisoned with the negative speed force, fight a new speedster, Godspeed, and also take on other members of his rogue’s gallery.






Dark Nights Metal – Evil Bruce Waynes from different evil universes have the power of the Justice League and are trying to bring in the powerful being, Barbatos, from the Dark Dimension into the world.







The Death of Superman – Before this comic, a superhero dying was almost unheard of. Death of Superman sees Clark Kent fight his deadliest foe, Doomsday, in order to save the world no matter the cost.






All comics can be found on the DC mobile app or website.

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