#Scary: 5 Horror Movies That Can Make Your Heart Explode


If you’re hunting for something creepy with frightening shocks, this movie is a good choice. Dalton is a wanderer who travels in his sleep and then one night, he travels too far and gets lost in some sort of spiritual realm leaving his body soul-less and empty in a coma thus leading other hungry evil spirits hunting for vacant flesh to possess. This is a must-watch Hollywood horror movie but alas, it may take away your sleep and leave you scared of the dark for weeks.


Definitely one of the best horror movies of all time. Despite their young ages, the actors were incredible and really convincing with their parts. This movie has scenes that would make you jump. Seven kids have to face being bullied and an evil clown that could shape-shift into their worst fears. This is also a perfect mix of drama and suspense. Moral of this movie; don’t trust clowns.


James Wan’s “The Conjuring” is one of the most amazing horror movies of all time. It was excellently written, directed and executed. This movie is a great scare with unending creepy scenes and it is based on a true story which just freaks the hell out of you completely. This movie is best suited for those without fears and those interested in awkward paranormal activities.


Corin Hardy did a great job with this piece. The costumes and make-up were perfect and looked too real. This movie will definitely give you Goosebumps at first glance. This movie practically lives on jump scares and it is a true horror movie with synchronized creepiness. A priest and a novitiate yet to finalize her vows are sent to investigate the death of a nun and they start to encounter supernatural forces. This movie is flawless and it contains all the chills.


What is it with folks and weird looking dolls? A doll is actually possessed by the devil and it starts to torment the occupants of that house with some orphaned girls. This movie will definitely shake the jeepers out of you. This is a typical horror movie and it is also slightly predictable.



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