Why Actors Should Not Be Credited With the Success of a Movie

We watch countless movies every day and worship actors and actresses for their incredible act of complete impersonation yet we totally ignore the actual geniuses behind the scenes.

Film making has become more than just a channel for entertainment. It has gradually developed into an unending process of recurring refinement long after the time of Louis le Prince and the Lumiere brothers. From movies to documentaries to cartoons, our generation is verifiable by the movies made by talented filmmakers. This has resulted in the massive influence film has on our society today.

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The directors, scriptwriters, DOP, production designer, camera operator etc are preferably referred to as the birth mothers of any movie. They give life to movies with their skilful methods of nurturing the depth and content of any movie thus enhancing the quality of a well-bred motion picture.

Most times we watch movies and we become totally engaged in the thrills and mystery but then again we forget to recognize the birth mothers of these products. The crew members are the main sources that never fail to dazzle us with their outstanding touches

It’s no doubt that they work even harder than the movie cast members. Without them, there’s no movie as their contributions determine the flourishing origination of a movie. It is quite tragic how only a few persons understand the value of each crew member and how they work together in one peace despite their different duties. The efforts of the crew members help define the conditions of an on-going movie and how the finishing is likely to come out.

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With cameras, microphones, computers and other technical equipment, the film crew possesses the abilities to help the movie cast look and sound more convincing. A well-organized film crew helps keep the production process intact, in line and on point.

Actors are simply good at what they do but the film crew remains the backbone of any movie production.

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