5 Actors That Deserve More Respect Than They Get

Tyrion Lannister


He is just exceptionally marvellous with his flawless control of humour and drama. Over the years, Peter’s acting career has been extensively outstanding and inspiring. From “death at a funeral” to “pixels” and so much. Peter is character-driven and possesses an unusual passion for exactness with regards to his acting and these qualities have kept him balanced and stable without any limitations to his abilities.

His zeal and his passion have helped him simultaneously to achieve many things in the industry and his most esteemed shot is as Tyrion Lannister in “Game of Thrones”. Peter Dinklage is an achiever, a go-getter and an absolute proof of indisputable perfection.


Jack is known for his intriguing comic acts, songwriting, brilliant voice-overs and so on. He possesses a unique strength hence his outstanding performances on screen and his expressive skills alongside his portrayed characters are just enchanting and interestingly contagious. Jack is driven only by his desire to amuse and entertain.  He delights in permanently holding the attention of his audience and viewers with the sole aim of creating fascinating touches thus leaving us wanting more of his iconic existence.


Action, science fiction and fantasy.  Ian is an English actor who has been performing since the 1950s till date. His performance as Gandalph the great in “the lord of the rings” and magneto in “the x-men” have been truly satisfying as it adds dazzling credibility to his iconic status. Ian’s acting methods are quite rare and some might even say that he just might be one of the few capable of combining intelligence and thrilling entertainment.


Samuel L. Jackson is an American actor known for his electrifying performances over the years. He is strategic, persuasive, ambitious and always motivated to blow our minds away with his intoxicating performance. Samuel is completely hilarious with his unforeseen use of curse words and sarcasm in his movies. He possesses a strong desire and determination to always succeed and he is equally comfortable showing both his raw physical strength and his gentle side.


Strong, intellectual and somewhat practical. Morgan Freeman is a true visionary and he is excessively talented. He is always outstanding in his movies and his acting tells everything there is to know. He is one of the greatest actors and he never fails to show it.


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