Goosebumps: 7 Awesome Moments in Anime History

If there is one thing fantasy animes like Fate Zero, Hunter X Hunter, Danmachi, My Hero Academia, and other new-age animes know how to dish out, it is a great fight. We anticipate the fights in animes even more than following the story because if a fight is good, it makes you want to watch and re-watch it over and over again.

However, there are some scenes that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up because of how amazing, inspiring, and goosebump-inducing they are. They leave you momentarily cheering the character on, or even going as far as leaving you teary-eyed even though the scene isn’t an emotional one.

Below are some of the best orgasmic (to say the least) and goose-bump giving moments in anime history.

Netero vs Meruem

Even though this was one of the most disrespectful fights in anime history; reason being that Netero was supposedly the strongest character and he used every single trump card in his arsenal, even going as far as blowing himself up and releasing a toxic poison to defeat Meruem, the disrespect came when the Ant-king survived every onslaught the chairman threw at him. However, the major part that gave us goosebumps came after Meruem took one of the chairman’s hands, thinking that would end the fight, but Netero smiled and said;

Ant King, do you think I can’t pray with one hand?

Pain Destroying Konoha

If there was ever someone who took revenge as literal as it could get, it was Pain. For the mistake of one man, Nagato had doomed the entire village of Konoha to die by his hand. What’s more, he felt he was justified to destroy Naruto’s village and he did look extremely god-like while doing it. Flying up to the sky, he was telling Tsunade and her personal Anbu squad to know, feel, and understand pain before finally looking down at Konoha and saying:

“And now, the world shall feel pain. SHINRA TENSEI”

The result was the total destruction of Konoha, which reduced it to a barren land.

Byakuya overcoming sovereignty

Byakuya’s cool nature is one that resonates with everyone. A few female anime watchers have even confessed to falling for Byakuya because of it (don’t judge them, I’m pretty sure you also like him). However, his pride is actually his greatest selling point as shown in his fight against the sovereignty-stealing Espada. After cutting the tendons in his own arm and leg, and then binding a dying Rukia with a kido to stop her near-lifeless body from being controlled by the now confused and hysterical villain, Byakuya picked up his Zanpaktou and cooly said with a straight face:

“Sovereignty has nothing against me. BANKAI”

Luffy vs Rob Lucci

Before entering the new world, Luffy and the Straw Heart pirates had to go save one of their own; Robin, from Enies Lobby. After taking some serious beating from the leader of the government group CP9, Rob Lucci, Luffy looked like he wasn’t going to win the battle but he remembered the promise he made to the villain of not going down until he had defeated him. What came next had everyone cheering on for the leader of the straw hearts. A barrage of jet gattling guns which literally shook Rob Lucci and defeated someone tthe marines thought was undefeatable.

Escanor vs Estarossa

Of all the OP characters that have been introduced in anime, I have to say that Escanor; the Lion sin of Pride of the popular Seven Deadly Sins is definitely my favourite. After easily defeating Galand and Melascula without breaking a sweat, his next foe was one that easily defeated both Meliodas (who was severely injured and weakened at the time) and Ban without also breaking a sweat. Estarossa proved his mettle by not only seemingly taking out Escanor’s cruel sun attack, but he also took pride in the fact that the Lion’s physical attacks weren’t working against him. That was his mistake, he took PRIDE in it. Escanor then went on to show him what pride truly is by not only physically harming him but restoring his cruel sun like nothing had happened, and he did all that while saying this;

My attacks don’t work on you? Who decided that?

You swallowed my sun? who decided that?

The only one who gets to decide that is me!

Kaneki returning the favour against Jason

If there is one thing Kaneki knows how to do, it is to survive being tortured. With a flesh-eating centipede in his ear and his fingers and toes getting cut off every minute while having to continually having to calculate what 1000 minus 7 is down to zero over and over again, Kaneki took it all in its stride, became a ghoul, defeated Jason and then went on to torture his torturer with the very same thing he was tortured with:

What is 1000 minus 7?

Saitama finally showing a sliver of his true power against Boros

Take nothing from the alleged “strongest man in anime” at the moment, but being able to go fight after fight without breaking a sweat and jumping from the moon to the earth in less than a second are feats that put him high above the regular overpowered character. But his fight with Boros brought out a side of him that we had never seen before; he fought seriously. With Boros seemingly about to give up and end the world in a single attack, Saitama was forced to use his final move to, which was a serious punch that went AROUND THE WORLD!

Did those moments give you goosebumps when you watched them, or are there moments that you feel should either be or not be on this list? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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