Captain Marvel To Start Filming Early Next Year

Among the many stand-alone franchises and group movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have been given an official release date, the only movie with very little information so far has been Captain Marvel.
Though it has a release date scheduled for March 2019, a paor of writers and a main character in Brie Larson who will play the cosmic powered superhero, there still hasn’t been concrete info about the movie until now.

According to My Entertainment World, January 8, 2018 will be the official start date for the production and filming of Captain Marvel. Though the news has yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel.
The report also confirms Captain Marvel will join Infinity War and a number of other Marvel projects in Atlanta, GA for filming.
There are still a number of questions regarding how close the film will be to the source material (comics). Even something as seemingly trivial as Carol’s mohawk has been the subject of fierce debate among fans. We may learn a bit about Carol if she debuts in Infinity War, a strong possibility given its interstellar backdrop. If not, we’ll likely learn more at San Diego Comic-Con this year or sometime during the fall, as the movie heads into pre-production. We’ll not only learn who the director is, but more about the rest of the cast. – perhaps even the confirmation of Samuel L. Jackson’s involvement.
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