Theory Of The Uchiha’s Mangekyou Sharingan – Why Their Powers Are Different

After over a decade of runtime, Naruto (Shippuden) aired its last episode and we had to say goodbye to the many memories, tears, laughs, and mind-blowing action we had our fill of watching the anime.
The Uchiha were one of the most powerful clans in the anime, armed with many powerful, talented and genius-level shinobis who possessed one of the most coveted techniques: the Sharingan.

However, the true beauty of the eye is the Mangekyou and is its ability to reflect the deepest desires of the particular Uchiha’s heart and manifest it into a great power.
Below, you will find out why the Uchihas all had different mangekyou sharingan eye shapes as well as powers.

Uchiha Sasuke – His Mangekyou Sharingan unlocked at a time when he had the desire to destroy Konoha, and what better way to destroy leaves than to burn them to ashes? Hence, his desires manifested in the form of Amaterasu and the ability to control it in forms that even his big brother Itachi couldn’t.
Uchiha Itachi – After witnessing war and the horrors of the world. His desire for peace made his Mangekyou Sharingan manifest in the form of Tsukuyomi, a way to achieve peace and unity; albeit a fake way, like Madara tried to do.
But it didn’t stop there for the genius among geniuses. He was also ready to destroy anybody that dared go after the peace he was trying to achieve, and that manifested in the form of Amaterasu in his left eye.
Maybe that’s why he put it into Sasuke’s eye temporarily to burn Tobi who wanted to cause problems in Sasuke’s life by telling him the truth.
Uchiha Obito
Uchiha Shisui – Apart from Itachi, no other Uchiha wanted true peace more than Shisui. Although we don’t know much about him, the one thing that was clear was that he didn’t like fighting at all.
So, his mangekyou manifested in kotoamatsukami – the power to control people and make them do anything without them knowing they are being controlled (a peaceful way to end conflict).
However, he knows that as a shinobi he must fight regardless, that’s why when he uses that power, it takes a while for him to be able to use it again.
Uchiha Obito – Watching the love of your life get killed in front of you by your best friend can really take the life outta any man. Thus, Obito experiencing such, made him believe that the world was hell.
To be able to escape that hell from time to time, his mangekyou Sharingan created another dimension for him to go to at will. A dimension where he can make things happen the way he wants them to and also take away anything that tries to make his reality hell. (Although that eye and its power was used by Kakashi).
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara – For some reason, we never saw the actual techniques Madara’s Mangekyou possessed, but I guess his was all about his god-complex and imposing his will (the will of the Uchiha that Black Zetsu created) on others. Maybe that’s why he was the first person to be shown to have a full Susanoo, with legs, sword, and a destructive power that rivals the tailed beasts.
The Uchihas are not dead, as they live on through Sarada in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. We will have to wait and see Sarada’s growth and desire to judge the powers her mangekyou sharingan, whenever it manifests, possesses.

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