Lucifer: 7 Ways the TV Show Differs From the Comics

Lucifer began airing in 2016, and with the fourth set to drop on May 8th, 2019, the show has had its fair share of ups and downs.

It was first published under Fox before it got cancelled and was saved by Netflix, who have now taken control of the series moving forward. The series is based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, from DC‘s Vertigo line of comics, and follows Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell so he abandoned his throne in hell and went on vacation in Los Angeles… and that’s were the similarities between the comics and tv show ends.

In the series, one thing led to another and he joined the police force as a consultant to start solving murders and punishing the guilty on earth.

Although the series is based on the comics, there are a lot of variations, that it almost feels like the showrunners have completely discarded the canon storylines for the more ‘human’ stories they are writing on the show.

Below are 7 variations of Lucifer TV show from the comics.

1. The Car & Bar and Lucifer’s hair

Credit - DC Comics
Credit – DC Comics

In the TV show, Lucifer drives a black convertible with the plate number FALLN1 and the name of his club is LUX. In the comics, however, he drives a white convertible (even though he is shown flying most of the time), his license plate is LC4R, and the name of his club is EX LUX.

His hair is also blonde in the comics as opposed to the jet black of the TV series.

2. Lucifer’s qualities.

Credit - DC Comics
Credit – DC Comics

In the series, Lucifer always adamantly denies tempting and deceiving people. All he claims to do is to be able to manifest your desires after you have told him what it is.

In the comics, Lucifer boasts of being a tempter, deceiver and cruel person. He is almost omnipotent as well, so you don’t have to tell him your desire before he has his way. The one thing the TV show got adapted is that Lucifer does not lie and hates being called one.

3. Amenadiel

Credit - DC Comics
Credit – DC Comics

In the TV show, Amanadiel is the angel that had sex with a demon Mazikeen (more of her below), has acute detective skills, and joined the fallen ones. However, in the comics, it was Angel Gabriel who fell from grace. He lost his wings and became human, living his life as a drunk until he was summoned to heaven by Angel Metatron to perform a task that’ll earn him his grace back.

4. Azrael’s Flaming Sword

Credit - DC Comics
Credit – DC Comics

In the comics, almost everyone has a flaming sword and can use it proficiently. However, the TV show’s storyline sees only Azrael being the real owner of only one flaming sword that can cut down God himself.

Also in the show, the sword needs four complete parts – the knife, a key that doubles as a belt buckle, the pendant on Amenadiel’s necklace and Lucifer’s wrath to start flaming, but none of these keys or restrictions are in the comics.

5. Mazikeen

Credit - DC Comics
Credit – DC Comics

Mazikeen started out as Lucifer’s soldier, but she eventually grew to become ruler of hell. Lucifer bestowed on her his Morningstar/Lightbringer powers (which can see do crazy things like fashion and bend reality to his will. Think of him as a walking anti-life equation and more,) that we are yet to see in the TV show and she ended up ruling in his stead.

6. More human-oriented than supernatural

Credit - DC Comics
Credit – DC Comics

The comics show way more supernatural and paranormal beings than we have seen in the TV show so far. There are more demons, angels, magicians, and gods and demons from other pantheons, as well as members of The Endless (another line of Vertigo Comics) appearing in the comics. The TV show hasn’t scratched the surface of what Lucifer is truly about.

7. Lucifer’s position

Lucifer comics
Credit – DC Comics

In the comics, Lucifer is mentioned to be the first of the angels, whereas the show states that Amenadiel is the first and one of the most powerful of the angels (until he fell from grace and lost his wings).

These are 7 of the variations that I believe will pique your interest to start reading Lucifer and Vertigo line of comics because even though the TV show is good, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Lucifer is truly about. He is greatly de-powered, there are fewer interactions with supernatural beings and making his story more grounded to the earth and Detective Decker, and the show has steered in a direction that doesn’t do justice to the story based on what the comics offer.

Lucifer (including season 4) is currently available for streaming and download on Netflix,


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