20 Simple Cosplay Ideas You Can Do For Lagos Comic-Con 2019

The 2019 edition of the Lagos Comic-Con is already upon us, and no doubt geeks and pop-culture lovers are gearing up to dish out the best cosplays during the three-day event.

With the sum of N50,000 up for grabs for the best cosplay at the event, there will no doubt be really heavy contenders who will want to bring their favourite characters to life, and you shouldn’t be left out of the awesomeness. I know I am already ready to go all out at the event.

If you’re either strapped for cash or out of cosplay ideas for the event, below are 20 simple cosplay ideas you can do for the 2019 Lagos Comic-Con.


Sanji’s cosplay is as simple as it is elegant. All you need is a double-breasted suit, a brown tie and a mustard shirt. Dying your hair blonde can also give you the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise simple but detailed look.


Dressing up as one of God’s angels is quite charming, don’t you think? As angels are usually shown to wear elegantly crafted robes, Amenadiel’s look will be a perfect one for anyone on a budget. The materials don’t necessarily have to match, but with a plain grey traditional material and an awesome tailor, you can no doubt pull off an Amenadiel. If you choose to shave your head to complete the look, then you get an A+.


Mazikeen’s look is one that you can pull off with a dress that is either just like, or close enough to the one in the picture above. The only drawback to her look is the accompanying white half mask. However, you can skip that totally if you decide to go with the TV show version‘s look instead. You’ll need a brown or red leather jacket and high boots to complete the look that way.


Her powers of good luck remain one of the most underrated powers in history, but here she is again, bringing luck to you at the last minute with her cosplay idea. Just be sure to make the white patch around your left eye visible because it isn’t domino without it.

Billy Batson

Billy Batson‘s look is simple but may add some serious heat to your body in our already hot weather. However, if heat isn’t your problem, then this look (which is probably the simplest on this list) is perfect for you.

Logan and X-23

Logan and X-23 can be done as a father and daughter matching cosplay. Everyday clothes like the ones being worn above can be used, or the Logan cosplayer can decide to go with a white singlet and blue jean trousers. The only work will be making the claws. It’s nothing sticks (if you choose bone claws) or sticks wrapped in aluminium foil or painted silver can’t do.

Luke Cage

Exactly what you see above is what his cosplay is all about. A plain mustard yellow top and blue jean trousers. Easy as ABC, no? Shaving your head can help pull off Luke Cage‘s look even more.

V for Vendetta

His mask is one of the easiest to get because it has been an unending pop-culture phenomenon ever since the movie was released in the early 20s. The robes might seem a bit much, and if you can’t get them, wearing an all-black suit from head-to-toe complete with the hat and mask will still give you the perfect V cosplay.

Clark Kent

Superman always saves the day, and his look (well, as Clark) is here to do just that yet again. If you are wondering how to get the costume with the S on his chest, you don’t need to. A superman t-shirt will do just fine. Make sure you don’t forget the glasses, though.

The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime‘s cosplay will need a little bit of work to pull off, but it’s nothing a good bespoke suit tailor, a makeup kit, and a green hair dye can’t fix in a matter of days.

Bungou Stray Dogs

The Agency in Bungou Stray Dogs has personnel that dress in everyday work and casual clothes that are easy to get. The only trick to it may be getting the hair right to pull off the complete look.

Yagami Light

A matching suit with the above picture and a black perfectly shaped diary with a calligraphy pen will give you Yagami Light. Bonus points I, if you don’t win the cosplay cash prize, you can write their names in the Death Note.


Getting a straw hat is very easy here, and his look, although basic, is as iconic and as timeless as his long-running anime.

Korra and Toph

Korra from Avatar’s look is one that the respective shades of blue traditional materials can make without any qualms whatsoever… Same with Toph and her light green and cream-coloured clothes.

Money Heist

Money Heist is tricky because of the issues we are currently having with policemen in the country, but I felt I should include it because of how easy it is to get a red jumpsuit either by buying or sewing one). Getting the mask might be a little tricky because of how exclusive it is, but if you can find a mask close enough to the ones above, then, by all means, use it.

Numbers 5 and 7 From Umbrella Academy

Exactly what you see above is all that’s needed to pull off the respective costumes of arguably the two strongest members of The Umbrella Academy. If you are going with Number 7 (the lady, for those who don’t know,) get a violin also to pull off the look 100%.

Jabami Yumeko

If like Jabami Yumeko, you are willing to gamble on pulling off her cosplay look, then you should definitely go for it. Everything you need to pull off the look is in her picture above and getting it right is almost too easy.

Nick Fury and Mariah Hill

Pulling off the Nick Fury and Mariah Hill look wouldn’t take much from you as you can do so with black leather jackets, black turtlenecks and basically all-black of everything else. For Nick Fury, you’ll need to get an eyepatch for the culture.

You don’t need to break the bank to do cosplays and I hope the above 20 simple cosplay ideas have shown you that, and will help you come prepared to the 2019 Lagos Comic-Con holding between 19th-21st September 2019.

For more details about the Lagos Comic-Con, click here

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