New Power Rangers Clip Reveals Black Zord in “Action”

A new Power Rangers clip was just revealed (via IGN) that is all about Zack and his Mastodon Zord. It appears that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made piloting the giant robots easier than it is, and we see Ludi Lin’s Zack struggle to survive his first attempt. Check it out
This clip is presumably from the middle bit of Power Rangers‘ runtime. The teenagers with attitude have already discovered Zordon’s command center, met Alpha 5, and accepted their roles as protectors of Earth. But they still need to be trained- an activity that it seems Bill Hader’s Alpha 5 is in charge of.

The design for the Zords has been heavily criticized by diehard fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Zords from the original series were dinosaurs that would combine to create the all powerful MegaZord. But the new MegaZord doesn’t seem to actually be composed of the other robots. Additionally, all of the new Zords are heavily armed with giant guns, which seems to be a stark contrast to their functionality in the children’s show.
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