Game of Thrones: 4 Saddest “Valar Morghulis” Moments [and 4 Disappointing Ones]

Fans of the most watched series on television know that death is a norm and regular in Game of Thrones. So much so, that, if an episode goes by without any death, viewers are left wondering if they had truly spent the last hour watching the series.

So far, we’ve been left heartbroken with some very painful and unexpected deaths that no one saw coming, while also having cause to cheer at a few Valar Moghulis moments, because let’s face it, we were all looking for a way to enter our screens and kill the likes of King Joffrey and Ramsey Bolton ourselves.

Below are 5 of the saddest Valar Morghulis moments, and 5 others that were somewhat useless and left everyone sayin, huh?.


After vowing to honour his father, kill Joffrey, and make the North independent of the seven kingdoms, Rob Stark and all Houses loyal to House Stark marched on to Westeros, laying waste to all those in their paths with clever tactics that even had the Lannisters trembling. It was so sad seeing him die at a wedding. Not only did he die, but his lover, unborn child, mother (Caitlyn Stark), and most of his army men, as well as Direwolf, were all killed in a vicious manner. Damn you Episode 9!!

#HUH! – Robert Baratheon

Say what you will about him, but I surely didn’t expect him to go in such a manner. And he said it himself when Ned Stark said he’d do all in his power to honour his memory (which didn’t last long); “King Robert Baratheon. Killed by a Pig”. That sums it up for someone who spent most of his time drinking wine and doing wenches instead of ruling his kingdom. A useless death, I must say.

#SAD – Hodor

Although he only said one word all through the series, Hodor was so much of a fan-favourite, that his death actually made me almost shed tears. Much like The Red Wedding, his death carried just as much weight (or even more), seeing as he kept on calling his own name which meant “Hold The Door”, as he saved Bran Stark from being torn to shreds by wights. Hold The Door! Hold The Door! Hodor! Hodor!

#HUH! – Ned Stark

Don’t lie, Ned Stark was your favourite character in the Game of Thrones until he died in Episode 9 (which seems like a cursed number for the Starks). His death almost felt like “yea, this is the end of the series and I am not watching again.” Little did we know that that was the start of a series of Valar Morghulis moments. Damn, George Martin.

#SAD – Viserion

All it took was one Olympic-level javelin throw by the Night King to bring down the mighty Viserion, one of Danaerys’ children. The dragon’s screams and wails as he bled all over the ice and the subsequent raising as a wight dragon was just too sad to bear.

#HUH! – Khal Drogo

Honestly, this was one character that had the potential to become one of the greatest and fiercest onscreen characters ever. After promising to destroy the enemies that almost killed his Khaleesi and showing his epic prowess in battle (Hello! Khal Drogo was the leader of the Dothraki. He was way above the average Dothraki, who is way above the average soldier), for him to die by an infected wound was very disappointing to say the least.

#SAD – Tommen Baratheon

After watching his elder brother nearly destroy the kingdom (thank you Petyr Baelish for the poison), Tommen Baratheon assumed the throne and was, for the most part, a really good king. Even though he didn’t have much power (thanks to his mother playing on his naive and young mind to further her own goals), it was sad to watch him kill himself in that manner after losing his wife and seeing a large part of the capital burning green.

#HUH! – Tywin Lannister

They say if you want to go, make sure you go out with a bang! Well, Tywin Lannister definitely went out with a bang in Game of Thrones, albeit a disappointing one! His son, Tyrion, who he had bullied and despised for years, shot a perfect arrow which killed him while he was seating on the toilet seat taking a dump. Yes, I’m sure that wasn’t the bang you expected… neither did I to be honest.

So what do you think about my list, is there any one that you feel should be added or deleted? Do let me know in the comment section below and also check out 5 Best Valar Morghulis Moments [and 1 We Can’t Wait to See].

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