Arvia | Drifters | New Dawn Creatives | African Comics

Name of the company publishing the comic: New Dawn Creatives

  • Real Name: Arvia
  • State or place of origin: ???
  • Place of birth: ???
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 138 Pounds
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Reddish Brown
  • Aliases: Dreads, Theo, Drifters
  • Relatives: ???
  • Affiliation: Drifters
  • Base of Operation: Drifters camp city.
  • Identity: Public
  • Citizenship: ???
  • Marital Status: SIngle
  • Occupation: Drifter
  • Education: Graduate of the Drifters Camp Training Program.


Arvia is one of the highest-ranking Drifters in the entire force. Being such a peaceful and nice girl, she usually doesn’t get enough credit for just how powerful she is. Starting the Drifter’s training course at the unusually young age of 14, it only took her 2 years to complete her mastery and become an official Drifter, less than half the time it takes trainees to complete the course.

Even though she’s peaceful and would always try and avoid fighting, she’s always had the desire to be a Drifter, so she can travel the world and experience different cultures as she’s always been one who gets bored with one situation and is always looking for something new. Besides being blessed with quick smooth reflexes, she’s always had a weird affinity for sensing Aether and the subtle energies within people.

Being such a warm person with a bubbly personality, Arvia is usually beloved my everyone and is never the center of negative rumors. That is, besides one about the identity of her father. Even before becoming a Drifter trainee, Arvia was always around because she and her mother live right beside the Training Camp. They usually stayed hidden and kept to themselves, but rumor has it the only person who constantly visited them and spent hours there was none other than Chief Fadiq…


Enhanced Strength, Speed, Durability, Water-Link (Water creation, water manipulation), Mastery of her signature staff (carved from the ‘invincible tree’), Unique ability to sense and feel Aether, Ultra quick smooth reflexes.


  • Lacks a “killer instinct”

Power Scale (1-10): 7


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