Shang-Chi: Marvel Studios Looking To Cast Chinese Actor ASAP


With Spider-Man: Far From Home officially ending the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase 3, the studio is looking to the future and trying to cast an Asian actor for the role of Shang-Chi.

According to reports, Marvel Studios is looking to cast the lead role soon, and only Chinese actors are in contention, with hopes of revealing the actor at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, promised fans that announcements for movies slated for Phase 4 will be revealed this summer, and Kevin Feige also said that revelations will be made after the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming screened.

For Shang-Chi, he will be the first Asian lead character in the MCU, and the studio is reportedly trying to make good on a character that is not so popular in comics, but is beloved by his cult fans. In light of this, Marvel Studios is looking to cast the role of Shang-Chi as soon as possible so they can reportedly reveal it at next weekend’s July 20 Comic-Con.


Variety’s Justin Kroll reported on Twitter that Marvel is putting out test offers to a group of actors for the role of Shang-Chi. Per Kroll, Marvel is “adamant” the men are of Chinese descent specifically, not another Asian ancestry, to portray the Chinese superhero.

With many Chinese actors already vying for the highly-coveted role, one can only hope that whoever lands the role will not only be perfect for the live-action adaptation, but will also build a cult following for the character in the MCU, as he has in the comics.

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