Chris Evans Confirms He’s Done Playing Captain America

Chris Evans has confirmed that he is done playing the leader of the Avengers following being done with re-shoots for the still untitled Avengers 4 movie.

Chris, who first played Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) in Fox’s Fantastic Four before becoming Captain America in the MCU (seems the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a knack for saving Human Torches with Michael B. Jordan also becoming Killmonger), had earlier reported that he was done playing the character after Avengers 4 because he wanted to “quit while ahead instead of being thrown off the train” had then come out to say he was open to play the character a bit more “depending on how the story goes”.

But his emotional message (pictured above) is all the confirmation we need to know that Chris Evans will not be playing Captain America again in the MCU. Speculations had already flown to the way of best friend Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) becoming the new Captain America, but the character has been called “The White Wolf” a couple of times in Black Panther, so I guess we already know his role in the future of the MCU.

Maybe this will leave the doors open for Sam Wilson’s Falcon to take on the mantle of Captain America like he’s done a couple of times in the comics.

Also spot Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool weeping at the end of Chris Evan’s role in the MCU.

So who do you think should be the next Captain America going forward, or do you think the MCU still needs a Captain America? let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Avengers 4 is scheduled for release in May 2019.


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