5 Hilarious But Annoying Things That Happen In Nigerian Cinemas

Thanks to cinemas like Silverbird, Genesis Deluxe and Filmhouse, the once dying cinema culture has now become the most popular indulged culture for youths and oldies alike when the much-needed break from life’s stress is needed. The dimly-lit room, unbelievable surround sound and watching our favourite actors/actresses in movies on the big screen is something Nigerians have embraced and aren’t planning on letting go anytime soon.

However, Nigerians (as usual) always bring the “Nigerian flair” to any western culture, and the art of watching movies in cinemas isn’t left out. The problem, in this case, is that the flair brought to the cinema culture (like the five listed below) is just too annoying. Especially for movie lovers who want to enjoy the thrill of watching movies in the cinemas as opposed to watching on laptops or smaller screens.

  • Phones Ringing Every Minute
When it comes to this particular issue ehn, No other country beats Nigeria. Even in churches, meetings, official gatherings, there will still be people whose phones will ring… especially when there is an announcement or a sign saying “Please put your phones on silent or vibration.” Nigerians just love it when their phones ring in public places like the cinema hall and then they will proceed to shout into the phone mic so that the person on the other end of the line will be able to hear them… because the surround sound in the cinema hall is too loud! Smh.

  • Selfie Snappers/Social Media Addicts
Who will believe you if you say you went to the cinema without any proof? or how will your followers on social media know you are balling without snapping as many selfies or pictures as possible? The incessant snapping of pictures coupled with the ever flashing flashlight is extremely distracting and annoying. Now that there are so many “lives” – Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat – it’s even worse. Please just stop it!

  • Movie Commentators/ Spoiler Alert Majors
You will think Jon Champion and Jim Beglin are the best commentators on the planet until you enter a cinema hall to watch a movie in Nigeria. The ones who have either watched the movie before or know sufficient details of what happens in the movie will proceed to talk about every scene, every minute, and every second of the movie for everyone within earshot – basically the whole cinema – to hear.
I remember when I went to watch Thor: The Dark World and the scene when Thor was fighting the dark elf without his hammer. Naturally, thor would stretch his hand to summon Mjolnir, and a guy two seats away said “Thor is stretching out his hand, the hammer is coming… it’s coming… it’s coming.” That went on until thor entered a portal. I mean, just imagine that!
  • The LASTMA Laugher
You know it’s ethical for you to laugh for some seconds at most in the cinema hall when a comical scene happens in a movie. However, there are many Nigerians who will continue laughing for the next four/five scenes. All the extra laughing you’re laughing will make other people not hear the dialogue in the movie during that period of time. Believe me, when you all laugh, it actually deafens the loudspeakers in the hall. And it is very annoying when you watch a movie but can’t hear what is being said because someone is continuously laughing when everyone has calmed down. even worse when the dialogue you missed actually links to many other things in the movie.

  • Friends and Family/Group Discussions
Please, explain to me why a group of people will leave their house, transport themselves to the mall, go to the cinema floor, but movie tickets and popcorn, enter the hall, sit down and start doing group meeting while the movie is going on. Like seriously? Who does that, you ask? well, some Nigerians!
Why will you be gossiping, gisting and having discussions in the cinema hall? I don’t think there is anything more annoying than that and there are times PHCN will take light o. If you are that interested in your gist, why not take it outside instead of disturbing other people who paid good money to watch a good movie on the big screen? Nigerians sha! chai, we no go kill person!
I’m sure there are many other things you have experienced that didn’t get listed. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below!
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