How Thor: Ragnarok Sets Up Avengers: Infinity War

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The god of thunder is currently striking his way to top of the box office, breaking records, and becoming one of the best superhero movies in cinematic universe history.

Everything about the movie had what fans had been crying for in a Thor movie. All the plotlines fitted nicely and made for an amazing movie, giving both the Planet Hulk and the Ragnarok storylines different takes that were both welcoming and unexpectedly refreshing.

But beyond that, as we’ve seen in other Marvel movies, the shared universe wouldn’t be needed if the movie doesn’t link to another movie in the MCU. And the third Thor movie did in a great way by linking to Avengers: Infinity War.


In the mid-credits sceneafter the events of Ragnarok which saw the Asgardians journeying to earth in one of Grandmaster’s spaceships, the spaceship (capable of holding thousands of Asgardians by the way) was suddenly blocked by a spaceship that looked as huge as a moon (bigger than Ronan’s ship in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie). The kind of huge that made the Asgardian’s spaceship look like a baby ant to the humongous elephant.

That ship was definitely and without a shred of doubt, Thanos’s spaceship.
Now we have three mighty questions.

Is an Infinity Stone on the Asgardian’s Spaceship?

Seeing as the Asgardians were journeying to earth and Thanos was planning on going there anyways collect two of the infinity stones (the Mind stone on Visions forehead and the Time Stone in Doctor Strange’s vault) to eradicate humanity and feed Lady Death’s insatiable lust, why would he block the path of the Asgardians in transit? The only thing we can think of tht will make Thanos leave his busy schedule of assembling the infinity stones from the other ends of the universe has to be; there is an infinity stone on the Asgardian’s spaceship.
In Thor: Ragnarok, just before Loki resurrected Surtur using the eternal flame in the vault of Asgard, he briefly looked at the Tesseract a.k.a the Space Stone. And though the movie didn’t show him taking it, we believe he did because in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer shown at comic con, Loki was seen giving the Tesseract to the mad titan Thanos.

Are there perhaps two Infinity Stones on that Spaceship?

Speculations have been flying all over the comic book forums of Heimdall being in possession of the Soul Stone (the only stone yet to be seen in the MCU), which many believe to be the source of his powers to be able to see every soul and everywhere in the galaxy, except when his powers were blocked by another infinity stone; The Reality Stone a.k.a the Aether from Thor: The Dark World.
And it’s a healthy speculation since a stone that can warp reality blocked the soul’s power.

Does This Explain How Thor Meets The Guardians of the Galaxy?

In the same Avengers: Infinity War footage debuted at the D23 comic con, Thor suddenly landed on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship when the Guardians were passing an area in space filled with so much debris and wreckage floating. It looked like a serious one-sided battle had taken place, the kind of devastation which had Rocket Raccoon asking, “What the hell happened here?” just before Thor landed – unconscious – on their windscreen. Maybe Thor will let them know who attacked them and will go make sure the Power Stone which was first introduced in the first GOTG movie, doesn’t fall into Thanos’ hands.

Right now, we have more questions than answers, but all will be revealed in time as the trailers for Avengers: Infinity War get released over the course of the coming months before the movie hits the big screen in May 2018.

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