“Nollywood Caused Nigerians to be Stereotyped as Diabolical People” – Reno Omokri

reno omokri

Popular critic and author Reno Omokri blames Nollywood for making people from other countries see us as diabolical people.

The accusation came after Reno recounted strolling on the streets of America with Nollywood veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo. While strolling, a woman recognised the Lionheart actor and as Reno took out his phone to take a picture of them, the woman accused them of wanting to use her picture to do juju.

The kind of movies we have put out for years, according to Omokri, is why Nigerians are always seen as people who do black magic. In truth, over 50% of Nollywood movies explore the dark arts and portrays them in horrific manners.

Reno also noted that the first-ever movie which created the Nollywood industry, Living in Bondage, was about juju, and nearly three decades after, the industry is saturated with such movies, which makes Reno believe that the Nigerian movie industry should be called “Jujuwood” instead.

Check out Reno Omokri’s tweets below:

In my opinion, there is actually some truth to this. Even here in Nigeria, we regularly make fun of the likes of Kanayo O. Kanayo, Bob Manuel, Pete Edochie and other veterans for acting as ritualists the most in movies made during the “Old Nollywood” era.

However, save for Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, most blockbuster Nigerian films now explore the romantic comedy or drama genre. The movies who still dive into the dark arts are mostly Yoruba and home video movies, and even they have reduced the number of juju movies they put out.

But has the damage already been done to our image in the eyes of people from other parts of the world, if yes, can it be redeemed with the blockbuster movies being put out? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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