Lionheart Movie Review: Enjoyable, Family Centered, and Original

Genevieve Nnaji’s latest project cum Netflix Original movie, Lionheart, took the industry by storm but still had a lot to prove in terms of quality and answering the question of “why did Netflix choose to buy this movie?”.

The movie was faced with many challenges as it didn’t screen in many cinemas nationwide, however, the movie being on Netflix can make up for the low box-office gross that it may end up having.

Lionheart is a movie that I believe everyone should watch. It fills you with memories of home-video Nollywood movies, where the story line, cast, and direction of the movie spoke volumes of how an original Nigerian movie should be. In an industry filled with movies emulating the western culture, Lionheart is more than a breath of fresh air.

The casting of the movie was too perfect. It gave us the perfect blend of veterans that will no doubt make any movie great whether it is star-studded or not and new faces that one wouldn’t mind seeing in more movies down the line. I doff my hat off to Genevieve for the amazing directing she did. Even though it was her directorial debut, you had no choice but to f=be fully immersed in the movie and enjoy it while learning more than a lot.

Lionheart is no doubt the most feel-good movie of the year. It was simple, rugged at the edge but still refined and classy. There were no elaborate plots, no unnecessary and overplayed twists and turns, and the movie gave us a beautiful view of life in Anambra and what it means to run a business in corporate Nigeria.

It is a truly original movie that centres around the need for family to always have your back and also putting tribalism aside to expand, grow, and make your business keep on moving in an economy as harsh as ours.

There is no need to go in-depth, but if you are looking to watch a movie that you will enjoy while relaxing, without unforced touches of humour, devoid of forced bouginess, and with a very important lesson, then Lionheart is definitely the movie to watch.

Lionheart is available in select cinemas nationwide and also on Netflix

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