Best List of African Movies to Watch on Netflix


Netflix is home to content both well… home and abroad, and with the rising growth of users on the platform, as well as, the rapidly decreasing cinema culture being affected even more by the current coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased demand for African movies on Netflix.

In order to help you avoid having to pour through content looking for which movie(s) to watch, below you’ll find the best list of African movies to watch on Netflix.

The Arbitration (Drama)

In the high-pressure world of Nigerian technology, a workplace affair that led to an alleged rape leads to an emotionally-charged arbitration of the case.

Queen Sono (Action, Crime, Drama)

A highly trained South African spy takes on her most dangerous mission yet while facing changing relationships in her personal life.

Isoken (Romance, Comedy)

A woman’s family is worried about her because even though she appears to have a perfect life, she is unmarried.

Kasala (Comedy, Drama)

KASALA! is a movie about a day in the life of four young men who try to find a solution to a problem within 5 hours by exploring every avenue known to them. Tunji, a fast-talking teenager borrows his no-nonsense Uncle’s vehicle and gets his friends, Chikodi, Effiong & Abraham to join him on a Joyride around the neighbourhood. Things, however, go wrong when they crash the vehicle.

93 Days (Drama, Thriller)

When the deadliest infectious disease, Ebola, known to man arrives in Lagos, 21 million people are affected.

Lionheart (Drama)

Looking to prove her worth, a woman steps up to the challenge to work with her crude and eccentric brother when her father, Chief Ernest Obiagu is forced to take a step back due to health issues.

TATU (Drama, Epic)

TATU is a contemporary African epic and adventure drama centred on the conflict arising from a mother’s quest to have a child, the intrigue, complications and cultural bias therein.

October 1 (Epic, Crime, Drama)

In 1960, a Nigerian police detective is dispatched to investigate the murders of women in a small community three days before the independence of Nigeria.

Catching Feelings (Romance)

The lives of a formerly-famous writer and his wife are disrupted when a famous and very self-indulgent author comes to stay with them.

Slow Country (Drama)

A homeless teenage mother, who gets herself trapped in prostitution and drug trafficking for seven years in order to secure a good life for her son.

Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Nnamdi Okeke son of Andy Okeke from Living In Bondage 1 is an ambitious young man who wants more out of life. Snag is, he can’t afford the kind of life he wants with his current income. An encounter with Chief Ibaka a family friend with a notoriously dark past opens the door to all he has dreamt. But it all comes at a great price, that will change his life forever.

IYORE (Epic, Drama)

Iyore is a 2014 Nigerian drama film set in the Benin Kingdom, directed by Frank Rajah Arase. It stars Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin, Okawa Shaznay, Paul Obazele, Bukky Wright and Yemi Blaq.

Phone Swap (Comedy)

Two people from different walks of life accidentally switch phones and tread in each other’s shoes.

Up North (Drama)

Love, friendship and family politics collide when a young rebellious heir from a wealthy family is sent away to national service in northern Nigeria.

King of Boys (Drama, Action)

A businesswoman and philanthropist with a checkered past is drawn into a power struggle that threatens everything she holds dear.

Atlantics (Drama, Mystery)

A soon-to-be-inaugurated futuristic tower looms over a suburb of Dakar. Ada, 17, is in love with Souleimane, a young construction worker. But she has been promised to another man. One night, Souleimane and his co-workers disappear at sea. Soon after, they come back to haunt their old neighbourhood by taking possession of the girlfriends they left behind. Some of the workers have come claiming revenge and threaten to burn the tower down if the developer does not pay their wages.

Seven and a Half Dates (Romance, Comedy)

A young woman, engrossed in her career, reluctantly yields to her father’s plan to set her up on 10 dates to find a suitable husband.

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