Netflix Nigerian Movie Playlist and Review: 93 Days

93 days nollywood netflix

Let me just say that true stories, especially ones with sad endings like this, really put me in my feels.

No, I’m not going to do a mini-review and tell you how powerful the story was and how the director and scriptwriter checked all the boxes of what I expected from the movie, and how the cast (@somkele_i and @bimboakintola especially) gave an amazing performance, no I won’t.

Why then should you watch this movie?

Simply because the lives of Dr Adadevoh and all the medical practitioners, who died of/survived the Ebola outbreak while doing their jobs, deserves to be seen and consumed by you.

It’s a way to appreciate all the health practitioners and frontline workers who saved us then, and those currently doing so with this coronavirus outbreak. It’s a way to immortalise them and make sure their names are forever etched in the memory of our hearts and Nigeria.

This movie made me feel like it could just as very well been me or you fighting for our lives as a victim of a deadly virus outbreak if not for the acts and hearts of people like Dr Stella Adadevoh and all the staff who contracted Ebola and fought for their lives because of us all.

93 Days is currently available to stream & download on Netflix.

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