#Arrowverse: First Look At Poster For Crossover Event

The highly anticipated crossover for this season’s Arrowverse has already been teased as the best yet. According to reports, the two-episode crossover is going to trump last season’s four-episode alien invasion by a mile.

Marc Guggeinheim, one of the executive producers of the Arrowverse shared the official poster for the crossover on twitter and the poster teases so much that has us all super pumped already… Almost like they are ready to battle DC’s Justice League for views.

The crossover titled “Crisis on Earth X” will see the heroes in all the Arrowverse take on some villains we’ve already encountered in the respective series: Reverse Flash, Prometheus, and what looks to be Malcolm Merlin.

The official synopsis hasn’t been released yet, but trust us to keep you in the loop as soon as we know more.

Check out the poster for the Arrowverse crossover below:

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