Movie Magic: Top 11 Nollywood Movies of 2018

The Nigerian movie industry definitely delivered this year in terms of blockbuster movies. There were far more interesting, well thought out, and amazingly directed films that had the calibre to contest screen time with A-list Hollywood movies. You know the industry has grown when the movies were really competitive in terms of box office gross.

However, with the hundreds of movies that made it to the cinemas this year and the hundreds of thousands that didn’t, there were 11 movies that stood out and literally shook both the box-office list and made everyone give an ovation at the end. So below are 11 Nollywood movies of 2018 in no particular order.

King of Boys

Like I said in my review, Kemi Adetiba is the level of crazy that the industry definitely needs. Pulling off a three-hour movie in Nigeria is something that is a miracle in its own right, especially when it isn’t a comedy movie and Kemi definitely deserves to be the one to do so. Her creativity and genius, coupled with Sola Sobowale’s greatness, Adesua’s brilliance, the surprising duo of Reminisce and Illbliss, and every other person involved in the movie (cast & crew) were all instrumental in making this happen. King of Boys tops our list as the best Nollywood movie of the year 2018.

Chief Daddy

Arguably the most star-studded movie of the year, Chief Daddy, EbonyFilms second movie of the year, no doubt continued the trend that the foremost film production company in Nigeria has set. The movie had everything, from intense drama to rib-cracking humour. You know it’s a great production when Falz is using British accent fluently and every single actor killed their role.

Lagos Real Fake Life

Lagos Real Fake Life makes this list for one reason; diversity. The movie pulled actors and actresses from all over Africa, had social media influencers, and even indigenous actors as well. It’s clear that Mike Ezuruonye is one of the few producers that gives upcoming and unknown actors and actresses opportunities in the industry. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a movie this diverse and full of upcoming stars who all made statements.


Year in year out, Kunle Afolayan keeps outdoing himself telling original and beautiful stories and is probably the closest we have to a director that brings Nigerian myths and intricately detailed drama to the screen. Roti – which starred Kate Henshaw and Kunle Afolayan, follows the lives of a couple who are going through the PTSD of losing a child they waited 10 years to have. The thriller had us all shedding tears and feeling some type of way.

If I Am President

With the many problems that the country has when it comes to all-things politics, If I Am President explores what it will take for the country to change for the better, the many struggles good politicians go through being in the midst of bad eggs, and how the person at the helm of affairs of the nation should act. Ayoola Ayolola definitely delivered as expected and the movie overall left viewers thinking twice about who to vote for in the upcoming elections.

Up North

Up North is definitely one amazing movie because unlike many Nigerian movies, this was shot in another region and state that isn’t Lagos or Calabar. The movie showed the beauty of Bauchi and if I’m being honest, asides from enjoying the movie and Banky W suffering the same NYSC camp drama that many suffered, Up North make you want to go tour Bauchi and other places in the North.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

Although the industry is flooded with distasteful romantic comedies, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is one that sets the standard that other directors and producers should try to attain. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is a romantic comedy about a couple, Segun and Rose Adeniyi, who run a charming, but run-down, boutique hotel in a little town in Lagos, Nigeria.

My Wife and I

It’s not every time you get to see Ramsey Nouah playing a woman and Omoni Oboli playing the role of a man! My Wife and I is a freaky Friday movie which sees a couple switch bodies to experience what the other party goes through on a daily basis. You can expect nothing short of greatness when two heavyweights are the lead in a movie. My Wife And I is a comedy headlined by Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli, which is about love, marriage and everything in between


To be honest, the thriller and somewhat horror genre had been dead in the industry until Sylvia came out. You don’t see movies like that anymore (both in Nolly and Hollywood). The movie followed a man who lived two different lives – one real and the other in his dreams (literally). He fell in love with two women in both worlds and when he decided to be with his real-life babe, the girl of his dreams (see what I did there?) was out for revenge because hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

Lara and The Beat

Biola Alabi has been proving how different she is from the other trend-following producers in the industry and after Banana Island Ghost, she came out again with Lara and The Beat. The movie, a musical, saw new faces, Seyi Shay and Vector, get on the movie scene and they delivered in their roles perfectly as I said in my review. Lara and the Beat was one stand out movie this year and it will be great to see more musicals made in Nollywood.

Seven and A Half Dates

Seven and a Half Dates follows the life of a young hard working lady, Bisola, who is engrossed in her passion for her career and finds herself in a seemingly unending quest for love. Her father, Mr Gomez, comes to the rescue and inspired by the game of chess, sets Bisola up on ten different dates which he hopes one of them yields a good prospect.

For the 11th movie, we are leaving the floor open. Tell us a movie that should be on this list in the comment section below.

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