Sophie Turner Clapsback At Fan Who Defended Littlefinger’s Actions in Game of Thrones

The biggest Valar Morghulis moment in the just concluded Game of Thrones Season 7, saw a death that many fans had no doubt anticipated ever since Ned Stark’s died during the pilot season of the series. Littlefinger, like all the other killers of Starks, finally died after one of his schemes went horribly wrong. However, though it was a pivotal moment for the continuity of the series, many fans believed that Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) didn’t deserve to die the way he did, and actress, Sophie Turner, has some blunt words for Littlefinger defenders:

Nah.. just willingly sold her to the Boltons…. Who killed her family… who ended up torturing her…. but ur right.. no harm done 👍

— Sophie Turner (@SophieT) August 29, 2017

Lord Baelish died during his attempt to turn Sansa against her own sister, Arya stark. After planting a note hinting at Sansa’s betrayal (during her stay in Westeros which got both her father (Ned) and her brother and mother (Robb and Caityln respectively) killed,) in his room for Arya to find, Baelish tried twisting Sansa’s mind to getting rid of her little sister so that no one could stand in his way of marrying his love: Sansa, and thus becoming Lord of Winterfell.

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However, the plan backfired horribly as not only did the three Starks – Sansa, Arya, and Bran – work together to take him down, he also ended up dying knowing he was outschemed and outconned by the last people on earth he ever thought would win one over him. Littlefinger’s death was also pathetic, as he was reduced to begging for his life and desperately professing his love to Sansa to try and prevent being killed. Sansa wasn’t ready to listen, however, and Arya slit his throat with no protest from her sister.

Sansa Stark really can’t be blamed when you think about it. The time and the horrors she faced being married to Ramsay Bolton alone gives her enough motif to want revenge and see Baelish’s head on a pike, asides from the other plot twists and cons Baelish orchestrated that led to great suffering for the Starks.

However, there is no doubt that we will definitely miss Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger in season 8. But he goes out on a high note after lasting eight seasons in a series filled with so many deaths and twists.

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