Monalisa Chinda Blasts Lala Akindoju for Calling AGN “Shameless”


Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, has blasted colleague, Lala Akindoju, for calling the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria “shameless” after they paid a visit to Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko‘s home after the birth of the young actor’s child.

Lala Akindoju had earlier reacted to a video posted on social media of their courtesy visit, saying the AGN “had better things to do than visit Regina Daniels”. A reaction no doubt coming from her displeasure of the age difference between Ned and Regina Daniels, one that many actors have voiced their opinions on.

In a lengthy note shared on Instagram, Monalisa Chinda, who is the Director of Communications for the AGN, explained why it was not out of place for the guild to pay a courtesy visit to one of its members who just welcomed a child (Read her full statement below).

Our attention has been drawn to an unsavoury statement by An Actress though not an AGN Member. Kemi Lala Akindoju on social media about the visit of the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria to Mrs Regina Daniel Nwoko, one of our members who recently gave birth to a baby.

Ordinarily, the AGN would not dignify such repugnant, uninformed comment with any response. In this case however, it is important to correct a few impressions without joining issues with a non-member of the guild. And we also advise you crosscheck your facts before making allusions.

The simple intent is to establish our position and intimate the public on our policy direction and efforts of the present leadership to extend genuine care for every member of the guild.

1.An actor’s registration as a member instantly confers on him or her the privileges due to members which includes protection in their professional quests, welfare packages in their moments of need, celebration of their triumphs and many more.

2. Since assuming office, the current leadership of the Guild has prioritised courtesy visits to majority of her indisposed members across the country, offering moral and financial support since assuming office.

3. AGN has established a dedicated line and email for reports of sexual harassment and abuse cases in line of duty. AGN is also in strategic partnership with relevant agencies to counsel and persecute violations against any of our members.

4. AGN has introduced a highly credible Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to take good care of their health issues of all registered members.

5. AGN recently participated actively in two funeral rites of our dearly beloved members that passed on, Patience Oseni in Calabar and Ukwuak Asuquo, in Abuja. We remain completely committed to catering for all members irrespective of status or religion.

Once again, we therefore reaffirm our commitment to professionalism and unbridled responsibility to the welfare of our members.
It is the crystal goal of the Emeka Ejezie Rollas led Executive to bring about lasting change in and transformation of the industry as a whole.

We will remain undaunted and we will deliver the goods to our esteemed members.
Finally, it is expedient to add that visiting Mrs. Nwoko was not just ordinary but significant for us because beyond holding the leadership of our noble Guild in the highest esteem, she also reached out to us to break the good news upon delivery of her bouncing baby boy.

It is also pertinent to note that Mrs. Nwoko’s Mother, Rita Daniel is the able Vice President, South South in the current executive council of the Guild.

Her husband, Rt. Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko is the current Chairman, National Board of Patrons of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

This makes it absolutely germaine for the National President, who arrived Abuja on an official assignment to make time out for courtesy and congratulatory visit to a committed guild member.

The National President is also scheduled to reach out to other members who have various health challenges and reach out to the vulnerables with palliatives.

Kindly visit our website to read more about our numerous reach out efforts at such a time as this –

Thank you.
Monalisa Chinda Coker
Director of communications AGN.

Lala Akindoju is yet to respond to the statement but do check back as we will be sure to update you on any new development on this story.


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