Watch: EbonyLife Films Releases Teaser Trailer For Òlòtūré

Oloture trailer

Set in Nigeria, Òlòtūré is the story of a young, naïve Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to expose the shady underworld of human trafficking.

Unused to this brutal environment, crawling with ruthless traders and pimps, Òlòtūré finds warmth and friendship with Blessing, Linda and Beauty, the prostitutes she lives with. However, she gets drawn into their lifestyle and finds it difficult to cope.

In her quest to uncover the truth, this rookie reporter pays the ultimate price – one that takes her on the verge of no return.

The movie is directed by Kenneth Gyang and is set to hit cinemas sometime this year. Watch the trailer for Oloture below and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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