The Nigerian TV industry has been somewhat lacking the audience, appeal and hype that the movie section of Nollywood is currently enjoying. With a few series of note that Nigerians have the desire to watch, like Tinsel, Jenifa’s diary, Skinny Girl in Transit, Gidi Up, and This Is It. There are some series from the 80s and 90s that were like gold to Nigerians and if a remake is done, will help give the TV section of Nollywood enough boost to compete with both the movie section of Nollywood and the TV section of Hollywood, as they will appeal to a much larger audience.


Checkmate was part of the Golden age of television in Nigeria, having been one of the TV Series that effortlessly brought millions of Nigerians to the front of their TV sets to see the next drama that will unfold in the suspense and lesson-filled show. The series which was created by Amaka Igwe, starred an ensemble cast of Richard Mofe-Damijo, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Nobert Young and Kunle Bamtefa.

Fuji House of Commotion

Most people do not know this, but the highly popular sitcom Fuji House of Commotion was a spinoff from Checkmate. The story follows Kunle Bamtefa’s Chief Fuji’s many troubles to keep his polygamous home intact having married three wives from the three major ethnic groups – Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba – and his Yoruba mother always at his neck and the helm of many troubles in the home. The series was also created by Amaka Igwe and was a fan favourite for many Nigerians in the 90s

Everyday People

In terms of Drama in the 90s, Everyday People by Tajudeen Adepetu takes the cake with the amount of suspense, teary-eyed moments and comedy packed into each episode. The show was which starred the likes of the late Sam Loco Efe, Carol King, Nobert Young, Ify Onwuemene, Ejiro Okurame, Ignis Ekwe, Desmond Elliot among others, was so good that many people still haven’t forgotten the soundtrack to the series.

Family Circle

This show featured Nobert Young and Ronnie Dikko and was a family TV series that was both educating and entertaining. It focused on the lives of a family that was, like every other family, trying to get it right and work out the daily challenges they faced… I’m sure you’ve just said “Nobert Young is in everything sha,” right?

Extended Family

Most people will remember this show as the one that brought comedian Bovi to the limelight. The sitcom follows a family with a very stern father called “The General” (for obvious reasons) who disciplines his kids to make sure they become the best in life. However, with two nephews also staying with him, especially Bovi who brought his village lifestyle to the city and always finds ways to cause commotions in the house, the show was worth every minute spent in front of the television.

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