5 Classic Romantic Movies You Should Totally Check Out on February 14


This is the first movie Julia Roberts and Richard Gere acted together and it is one heck of a typical romantic comedy. It’s been many decades since this movie came out but somehow it still possesses some sort of iconic flavour no matter the number of times you might have seen it.

There’s nothing more fascinating than the incredible chemistry between an uncultured hooker and an educated billionaire. Romance couldn’t have been better made as it is completely flawless. This movie shows respect to everybody despite the differences between the rich and the poor. Nobody is too good or too bad to fall in love because when love is involved social status doesn’t matter.


This movie is great. This is a love story between a country boy and a city girl from two different worlds. Allie’s family is completely wealthy and they can’t stand seeing their only daughter with a complete nobody such as Noah but Love always conquers all obstacles.

This movie is worth watching anytime as it refreshes your mind and soul and gives you a clearer exposition of what true love is really about. Love is magic


One of the most erotic yet romantic movies ever made in the history of visual romance. This movie is simply spectacular and the casting was perfect.

A wealthy attractive sex driven man falls madly in love with a very simple and shy young lady. It is a normal classic romantic movie with a bit of a mixed plot but that’s ok. This movie shows you just how crazy love can be and also everybody’s sexual desire can never be the same.


They say love knows no language. You just got to love both Hrithik Roshan and Barbara for an amazing job well done.

Two people from different countries with serious oral communication barriers get married for the purpose of citizenship but end up falling restlessly in love but fate had other plans for both of them. This movie is intense, emotionally moving and deeply romantic.


Almost every girl can relate to this movie. Lara is a young girl surrounded by fantasies but is scared to have real things. Romance, a whole lot of extreme tension and absolute charm. This is a movie that’ll keep you at the moment wishing for more. Romance is life.



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