Yvonne Jegede Opens Up On Why Her Marriage Failed

Yvonne Jegede bares it all on her failed marriage and the scandal that came during and after it.

Yvonne Jegede has been one of the fan-favourites in Nollywood for over a decade and when she got married, the whole industry was excited for her.

However, things took a turn for the worst shortly after her baby was born and there were rumours of her marriage to Olakunle Fawole being on the rocks, which the actress has admitted and also given reasons why in a tell-all interview with Pulse.

When asked about what she learnt from her marriage, she said, “Of course, I make mistakes and I am not perfect just as I learnt lessons too from the marriage. I’m not an angel, I can’t be perfect, I made load of mistakes that could have been overlooked or corrected but here we are today. I have also learnt from them and moved on, I have learnt from experience and such mistakes won’t happen again.”

Yvonne Jegede also confessed that they had been having issues even before her son, Xavier, was born, and things kept on escalating from there.

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At one point, rumours of Olakunle leaving her for another woman was flying in the tabloids and when asked if there was a third party involved which caused the marriage to fail, Yvonne said, “Third party? No, there was no third party but he was listening to people or let me not say people, a friend, somebody who was always talking to him and telling him what to do. And that friend of his was my friend before and I guess I wasn’t in the country and they would hang out and getting along as friends and that was it.”

Yvonne also said what she would have done differently if she could turn back the hands of time or if she decides to get married again and she said, “What I will do differently is, don’t overlook things because those little things you think you can overlook and not comfortable with might become the same things that will make you walk out of marriage. So, I will not overlook anything, no stone should be left unturned, ask questions. It’s not like we didn’t have that conversation after the proposal, yeah we did and everything he said during that conversation, promises, I didn’t see any of them after we got married, which is not really the problem but the problem is we have a child, a beautiful son and we have to do everything right by him.”



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