Narcos: Watch Season 4’s Mexico Trailer + Release Date

Ever since Narcos debuted with the life of Pablo Escobar, fans all over the world had already tipped it as one of the best and most intense drama series in history.

If you recall, at the end of season 3, Javier Pena had moved out of Colombia and was looking into another country and a new trailer released by Netflix confirms that the fourth season Narcos is set to take place in Mexico.

Watch the trailer below:

The season, which will be released on November 16th, promises to be action-packed and follow suit with all the many things we’ve come to expect and more. According to Entertainment Weekly, it will focus on the rise of the notorious Guadalajara Cartel during the 1980s. With the change in location and storyline, comes the introduction of names such as Michael Pena and Diego Luna to the cast. The show’s main characters appear to be Felix Gallardo (portrayed by Luna) an infamous crime boss well known for creating an agency of independent drug dealers, and ambitious undercover operative in the form of DEA agent Kiki Camarena (portrayed by Pena) who strives to dismantle Gallardo’s organization.


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