Major The Blacklist Character Set To Return To The Show

The Blacklist has prided itself in its great ability to give audiences lots of twists and keep ’em guessing in it’s 3 and a half year run so far. Since this is the kind of life that constantly follows Red Reddington, it won’t come to a halt anytime soon, and an upcoming episode will bring with it the shocking return of Susan Blommaert’s perma-survivor Mr. Kaplan. And not only will we get to find out what her situation has been since we last saw her earlier this season, but we’ll learn more about Red’s second banana than ever before.

Susan Blommaert will return in an entire episode’s runtime that will be devoted to The Tumultuous Tale Of Mr. Kaplan: Origins. The episode will delve into Mr. Kaplan’s past, and how she and Red first became partners in crime, so you know some fascinating details are going to emerge from it all.
In fact, star Megan Boone told TV Guide that the episode will make several big reveals about our central characters, with a specifically “surprising” secret coming out involving how Red, Liz and Mr. Kaplan are all connected.

When Mr. Kaplan was shot in the face last year, everything kind of changed on The Blacklist once again, beyond the fact that Red’s motivations were unclear since that’s always the case. The incident is what caused one of Red’s own group to attempt to poison him as not to befall the same fate of Kaplan. And with her return, there is a very good possibility that others will also find their way back into Red’s personal bubble.

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The Blacklist will return for the remainder of its Season 4 run on Thursday, April 20, at 9 p.m. ET. In its absence, the spinoff The Blacklist: Redemption airs in the same timeslot.
Source: Cinemablend
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