Lagos Comic-Con Review: The Worst Thing A Nigerian Geek Could Miss

If you weren’t present at the Lagos Comic-Con, then don’t worry because all you missed was literally the best day you – a geek – would have experienced and had this year. So unless you already had plans of missing the best day of 2018, then you definitely didn’t miss much.

When it comes to the overall hype, the 2018 Lagos Comic-Con definitely surpassed it and then some. The turnout was massive as people from the different states in Nigeria trooped in in their numbers and even people from different parts of Africa like South Africa and Ghana also came to grace and enjoy the event that is geek heaven.

Stands were filled to the brim with different comic books, merchandises, products and more, and they were getting sold-out faster than The Flash or Max-Speed could reach for a glass of water. The games section was packed full with people playing and enjoying themselves and also partaking in a competition that would have shown who the ultimate gamer was. The masterclasses were full of rich and versatile panelists who spoke from the heart and helped make the different sessions – comics, animations, films and movies, and books – come alive in a never-before-seen educative and informative fashion. And the kids section had children in all the glory of cosplay, enjoying themselves, dancing and playing like superheroes do after they have just finished saving the earth from serious threats.

The adults also weren’t left out of the cosplay games as people trooped in wearing familiar clothes from all parts of geek culture – akatsuki costume from the Japanese anime/manga, ladies adorned in Wonder Woman and Supergirl costumes, and guys wearing Superman, Batman, and Iron Man from the regular comics and superhero movies that we all love.

Titans from the different parts of the creative industry also came in to show their support and give their two kobos in the panel sessions and add some extra colour to the already colourful event. Actors like Deyemi Okanlawon was present, various filmmakers, animation makers like Freak The FXXX Out and SMID animations, and ofcourse, comic creators like Comic Republic, Epoch Studios, and more were all present to give the geek nation a feel of what they had to offer and also talk about their works (both done and in development).

The event was well put-together and there was something for everyone (even more than geek culture). Pop-culture was also represented in the fashion, makeup, and tech industries as they showed off mouth-watering products that were being sold at very affordable prices.

Suffice to say that the 2018 Lagos Comic-Con is by far the event of the year and is one event you definitely, absolutely, and certainly do not want to miss next year.

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