How The Guardians of the Galaxy Franchise Will Play A Part in Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel’s upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok will see the god of thunder reaching far into the depths of space for the very first time. However, it wouldn’t be the first Marvel movie to give us a look at the cosmic side of the marvel cinematic universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has travelled all over this territory, leading many to wonder if they will cross paths with Thor Odinson during his next adventure. 
So, how do the Guardians of the Galaxy factor into this story? Ragnarok executive producer Brad Winderbaum addressed this during a roundtable discussion when CinemaBlend visited the movie’s set last year and explained the connection by explaining how the new movie looks and feels rooted in the Guardians world, saying:

There are elements of Guardians that will kind of work their way into our film, both stylistically and narratively. In the sense that, like all the Earthbound heroes kind of feel like they’re living and breathing in the same air, certainly now that we’re in space it feels, in a very MCU way, that we’re living and breathing in the same air.

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This isn’t surprising, since the signs had been there all along. The Grandmaster’s brother is The Collector in the Guardians of the Galaxy. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there was a scene which showed two beings from Korg’s home planet fighting, and Korg is set to appear in Thor: Ragnarok. Guardians’ character; The Broker, will also appear in Thor: Ragnarok. So the influence of those films (both visually and narratively) will surely seep into Taika Waititi’s upcoming Marvel film.
The biggest question will be if the Guardians of the Galaxy will actually appear in Thor: Ragnarok (probably in a post-credit scene) based on what we saw when the first official footage of Avengers: Infinity War debuted at D23, where Thor actually met the Guardians for the very first time. Sadly, we still have no answer to that and may have to wait until the movie comes out to know.
Luckily, we wouldn’t have to wait that long as Thor: Ragnarok will hit theatres later this year on November 3, 2017.

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