According To DC Studios, ”There Is No DCEU”… It Never Existed.

There was an unparalleled level of joy when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was introduced in 2008 with Iron Man because it did more than bring our favourite superheroes to live screens, it also introduced the concept of shared universes and serialized storytelling. This trend opened many doors, changed the way many blockbusters are produced, and also inspired new cinematic universes like the MonsterVerse and the DC Extended Universe.

However, it turns out that the DCEU has actually never existed. Or rather, was never given that title. Vulture’s Abraham Riesman recently interviewed some figure heads at DC Studios and learned that the term “DC Extended Universe” is not used internally, and is mostly a fan creation.

Abraham Riesman revealed this on a Twitter thread, while also promoting his recent story about the shared universe’s plans to move forward. It turns out that the inception of the DC Extended Universe’s title came from a story EW published in 2015. Writer Keith Staskiewicz actually made up the title himself, and it may have partly been a joke. Since then, the fandom and media have embraced it, exclusively referring to the shared universe as the DCEU for past few years.

Hello! Flashpoint?

This news comes as a bit of a mindblower because three movies have already been released so far from DC Studios and there are over seven movies already scheduled for release by 2022. Then again, it means that the studio has the potential to properly rename the franchise at any point – probably after the Flashpoint movie?

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But seeing how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become more than a brand, it’s safe to say that it’s already too late for DC to rename theirs because the title ‘DCEU’ has not only stuck, but like the MCU, it has already begun to take flight to become a brand of its own, and we doubt DC Studios will want to give that up and rebrand this late into the cinematic universe’s history.

Well, we will keep calling it the DCEU until an appropriate tag is given, so catch the latest offering of the DCEU when Earth’s heroes join forces to take on Steppenwolf in Justice League which will be released on November 17.

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