4 Very Powerful Characters Nobody Takes Seriously

When comicbook and superhero lovers are asked who the most powerful characters are, they immediately think of the likes of Superman, Thor, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Franklin Richards, Scarlett Witch, Darkseid, and other superheroes and villains in their class.

Upon further consideration, they may decide to go cosmic and omnipotent to characters like Galactus, The Beyonders, Living Tribunal, Spectre, Lucifer Morningstar, Michael Demiurges, etc. While all these characters are undoubtedly strong with limitless powers and abilities, there are 4 extremely powerful characters, with powers that can snuff the life out of almost every other character, that nobody takes seriously enough to remember their names when asked. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Bugs Bunny

When Bugs Bunny’s name is called, all people remember is his popular catchphrase “What’s up, Doc?.” But unknown to many, he is one of the strongest characters ever created.

Superhuman speed, durability, and regeneration, Genius Intelligence, Flight, Reality Warping, Teleportation, Toon Force, Plot Manipulation (Became the animator in “Duck Amuck”. If he’s about to die or meet a bad end, he can cut the cartoon and escape. Can take control of the script and change the ending of an episode to make things go his way. Can easily exit the cartoon and function outside of it. Can identify and tell who the animator is and grab their utensils).

Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Death Manipulation, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Stealth Mastery, Lightning Manipulation, Mind Control, Immortality, Magic, Transmutation, He can manipulate everything biological, organic, and inorganic, are some of the powers the carrot-eating cartoon character has.

Deadpool (Composite form)

The Merc with a Mouth has had his fair share of amazing feats ever since his debut in comic books, but what most people remember him for is the talkative mercenary who has superhuman regeneration and is a master of weapons. Whereas, he has so much more in his arsenal.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Unpredictability, Hammerspace, Regeneration (Mid-High), Pain Suppression, Immortality, 4th Wall Awareness, Stealth Mastery, Weapon Mastery (Various firearms, blades, and explosives), Supernatural Combat, Pressure Point Strikes, Non-Physical Interaction, Situational Disease Manipulation (If an opponent attempts to absorb his powers, they’ll receive his cancer), Situational Madness Manipulation (An opponent that attempts to read his mind or possess him will become completely insane), Sound Manipulation (Can produce powerful sonic blasts).

Disintegration (With matter disintegrating gun), Existence Erasure (Possesses a gun that can snuff out individuals alongside with their history), Plot Manipulation (With the Continuity Gem), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Possession, Mind Reading, Death Manipulation, Poison, and Power Mimicry, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Life and Death Manipulation, Flight, Reality Warping, Matter Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Teleportation, Energy Manipulation, and Forcefield Creation, are powers and abilities the best version of Deadpool has in his arsenal.


Many people see a dumb and very unserious character when they see Ed, but his feats, powers and abilities are so huge, many strong superheroes’ abilities actually pale in comparison to his.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Human Physiology, Self-Sustenance, Cartoon Physics, Stealth Mastery, Regeneration, Reality Warping (Shown to warped the logic of their entire universe.), Berserk Mode, Rage Power, Enhanced Smell, Can break the 4th wall, Flight, Time Travel, Surface Scaling, Elastic Jaws.

Super Eating, Gluttony Empowerment, Infinite Digestive System, Gut Storage, Imaginary Symbiosis, Imaginary Entity Creation, Imaginary Constructs, Paradox Inducement (Via Cartoon Physics.), Matter Ingestion, Technology Imitation, Elastic Skin (Can stretch his body in inhuman ways.), Duplication (Can make clones of himself.), Sound Manipulation (Via Screaming; His screams are strong enough to tear off Eddy’s shirt, make Double D faint, push back Sarah, create cracks in the ground and send a small cardboard house flying.), Invisibility, Mind Manipulation, are some of the powers in his arsenal.

The Mask

Stanley Ipkiss is just a regular guy who becomes a joke of a character when he wears the Mask. but in that form, he is basically a god.

Super Powers of Imitation, Powers of Metamorphosis or Transmutation, Superhuman Agility, Have control over the Things of Animation, Toon Force, Make the user attractive handsome, Furious and Berserk Strength, Comic awareness, Danger Sensor, Elasticity, Make the user into a Leaked Artist; Flight, Generate and use anything user wants, Healing Factor (the Mask refuses to take damage, so no matter how fatal the injury, The Mask will nullify it because it doesn’t want its user to get ruined.

Heat Vision, Generate Illusions, Immortality, Generate Magic and Magic, Ability to imitate various Powers and Abilities, Probability Manipulation, Reality Manipulation, Ability to Transform and Change the Will, Superhuman Hearing, Superhuman Speed, strength, and durability, Generate and use Constructs based on Willpower, are some of the powers and abilities in The Mask’s arsenal.

N.B: Bugs Bunny, The Mask, and Ed have the power of Toon Force, which basically means that they can do what they want, create whatever they want, and manipulate reality/any and everything on a molecular level to suit their goals and further the plot. See picture below for more details.


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