Quick Review: Is Fatal Affair Worth Watching?

fatal affair review

You know all those kind of very predictable movies you put up with just to find out if you’re right about everything that happens? Yea, Fatal Affair is one of those movies.

I’m not going to bore you with a long writeup, but all I’ll say is, you’ve watched the movie before.

Movies like obsessed, when the bough breaks, You (series), that Peyton Sawyer fake brother arc in One Tree Hill, and every other movie about having an obsessed stalker who is in love with you is exactly what Fatal Affair offers. The only problem is, this movie does a terrible job adapting the already overused plot.

If by chance, you’ve never watched any of the movies listed above, then consider watching the trailer for Fatal Affair as watching the movie. Everything you need to know that happened in the movie was shown in the trailer. I bet you can imagine the beginning and end from there.

The movie had little mistakes which stellar actors and filmmakers should not be making in this era, and the plot will leave you frustrated and asking questions like… “why did you do that?” “Why can’t you do this?” “What are you doing?” “Are you seriously doing that?”… too obvious actions that didn’t need to be done, or things that should have been done instead.

All in all, Fatal Affair is one of those movies with a plot you’ve seen lots of times before and in better ways, too. For me, this movie isn’t worth watching, you’re better off watching something else.


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