What is Life Without Comedy?


What would happen if Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Rowan Atkinson and Will Smith did a movie together? I’ll tell you what; we would be laughing our asses out for the rest of our lives and that movie would be referred to as “the ultimate humor” as it would always be remembered in the history of film making.

These hilarious kings have always given us something to smile about over the years and they just keep getting better at it. Some would even say that they deserve all the accolades they can get because believe it or not, it isn’t easy for someone to make a fool of himself or herself on purpose just to keep you entertained.

One way or the other, they’ve helped us understand that comedy isn’t just about laughing at some random joke that probably wasn’t even that good but easing up our hearts and mind, making room for positive behavioral changes and slightly planting the idea of always remembering to give happiness a chance or more chances (especially for those of us fighting depression). Due to their magnificent performances over the years, these people have given us more than enough reason to look forward to more of their captivating appearances on our various TV screens as they always leave us wanting more. Who says you can’t be funny and successful at the same time.

These actors would probably make you wake up early every morning just to thank God for the existence of Comedy. To possess the power of humor is indeed an amazing talent. Comedy is a blessing in disguise yet it is so under-appreciated. Life is nothing without laughter and comedy is the yoke that keeps us in line with our sanity and softens the nature of our thinking faculty.


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