Bad Boys (1 & 2) vs Bad Boys For Life: Which is Better?


Bad Boys is an evergreen movie and our faves Martin Lawrence (Marcus) and Will Smith (Mike) have been giving us the vibes since 1995. Some people reading this post weren’t even born then!

Since it began showing January 15, a number of people have had a couple of things to say about the movie. In this article, we would be doing a little comparison between the films of the Bad Boys Trilogy since 1995—Bad Boys, Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life.

The first thing that comes to my mind when you hear Bad Boys and which cannot grow old in any of the films of the trilogy is the theme song. That song is a drug for Bad Boys fans, best believe and personally, I love how Marcus can never get it right!

So, here are my fave takes from the new movie in comparison with the older ones.

First, we get to see our Bad Boys as older men. Marcus is a grandpa now! And Mike looks hotter than ever. We are also introduced to the beautiful Rita (Paola Nunez), Mike’s ex (who he still likes and cares for a whole lot) and we love the energy they both bring to the movie and how their chemistry is so vivid even though we do not get to see them together.

The story of the third film is strong, and it’s different from the other two films of the trilogy. The new faces on the cast are exciting to watch and it’s great to see Vanessa Hudgens, Paola Nunez, Charles Melton, and Alexander Ludwig as the rest of the team with Marcus and Mike.

Gabrielle Union’s character Syd is missed. It would have been great to see her in the trilogy.

I love how the friendship of both men has evolved over the years and through all three films from being partners to the best of friends and ultimately, brothers.

The humour is perfect and the plot follows in proper telling from the beginning to the end.

With a cliffhanger ending, there’s no doubt the movie producers may be considering continuing the franchise and creating another film in the series.

The nostalgia the film brings and aims to cure is so fulfilling and it’s just so exciting watching the gunfights, shootings, and the comic scenes of the film.

Bad Boys for Life is a great sequel and it doesn’t take the fun out of the original films that we knew.

“Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you”


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