Top 10 Roles Blossom Chukwujekwu Gave His Absolute Best

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Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu has dazed and wowed audiences over the years with his poised and amazing acting skills. And of the many acting credits to his name, the ten movies below are where he gave his best roles.

1. The Millions (2019) as Jerome
Con artist, Jerome definitely catches our eye and I believe this is the best of Blossom yet.

2. Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2014) as Moses
Blossom brings the beast out in KOHD and we have never been more impressed to see him play an abuser’s role. Well deserving.

3. Black Rose (2018) as Desmond
Desmond is a too-good-to-be-true character and we love how he switches from who we see earlier to someone completely different.

4. The Visit (2015) as Lanre
This is definitely one of Blossom’s most hilarious roles. Gangster Lanre and his wife, Ajiri are a couple who will tear your insides out with laughter as you watch their crazy.

5. The Big Fat Lie (2019) as James
Living a lie has never been better than what James gives us in the Big Fat Lie

6. Okafor’s Law (2016) as Terminator
Terminator is a philanderer. Somehow, Blossom shows us again how much range he has in being different characters.

7. Let Karma (2019) as Daniel
Playing the cheating husband, Daniel’s character and the movie as a whole gives a bit of vibe from the 2009 film, Reloaded.

8. Finding Mercy (2013) as Jato
One of the first films I saw of Blossom, Jato is quite an impressive character. Playing the bandit and a lovely father. we love to see it.

9. Ghana Must Go (2016) as Chuks
Love comes in Ghana Must Go and Chuks must choose between his love and the wishes of their families. Typical story but hilarious and well-played.

10. Falling (2015) as Dr Yemi
Dr Yemi is an eye candy. I think it’s as simple as it goes. He is the alternative that stands at your door when everything is falling apart.

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