Watch Netflix’s Teaser Trailer for Death Note

The Death Note, which started out as a manga before becoming one of the most popular anime of all time, follows the life of Yagami Light, a brilliant young lad who is way ahead of his peers and bored with having to keep living the routine life. But everything changes when he stumbles upon a Death note that kills anyone whose name is written in it.(You can even write HOW the person is supposed to die, though if you neglect to be specific, they’ll simply die of a heart attack)
Watch the trailer below:

Light adopts the name Kira and begins rendering judgement on criminals and anyone who opposes his new persona… basically becoming a serial killer. However, it is up to L (Keith Stanfield), another young lad who is the world’s greatest detective to stop Yagami from bringing ruin to the world and becoming a self-proclaimed god.

Netflix and horror master Adam Wingard are translating the classic story for an American audience, shifting the action to Seattle and giving it a Western feel — Western civilization, not the Western genre. He has cast Nat Wolff (Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars) as the main character, Light, who receives the book from a menacing demon Ryuk (played by Willem Dafoe). And it’s that haunting creature we get a quick glimpse of in the last frames of the trailer.

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