Is Chaos Walking Worth Watching?

Chaos Walking follows the story of a guy named Todd who lives in a world where the thoughts of men are always on display in a phenomenon called “noise”. He comes in contact with a girl named Viola, who is the sole-survivor of a spaceship crash, and together they try to get her back to her home world.

The major selling point of the movie is the visuals, because it was stunning. The effects of the noise (though, a little confusing at some point,) made for a visually appealing movie, and I must say that this is the best acting from Tom Holland yet.

If the story seems confusing, that’s simply because it tried to do less than it should when it had all the material needed to create a great movie. And even though the movie answered the most important question, it still left a ton of questions unanswered and that is onw of the major issues with the movie.

The movie is based off a book, and like most book adaptations, it crams in the base of the story, but leaves a lot more in the book, which if it had been adapted into the movie, it would have made for a very cohesive and convincing story.

I liken the movie to a meal that seems different at first when you look at it because it’s well plated, but after tasting it, you realise that it’s more or less the same with all the regular meals you’ve had.

It should have been better, the story should have been more, the other characters should have been used better, and as many questions as possible should have been answered.

Is Chaos Walking worth watching? You can watch it to pass the time, but it’s not one I will okay spending money in cinemas to watch.

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