Top 10 Best Adesua Etomi Movie Performances

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Adesua Etomi has, since her debut, come a long way to be one of the top faces in the Nollywood industry. Her acting, influence, and ability to market a movie just by being in it is one that has seen her appear in at least one blockbuster movie every year since The Wedding Party came out.

But what are her best performances so far? Below, Bakporhe Ufuoma lists Adesua Etomi’s top 10 movie roles. Check them out below.

1. The Set Up (2019) as Chike:
Etomi is her finest in this role as Chike, a drug peddler who is blackmailed into working for Madame, a con.

2. Sugar Rush (2019) as Susie Sugar:
Susie Sugar, eldest of the Sugar sisters is all shades of sugar and sweetness and vibes in this role. You can’t get enough of her really.

3. The Arbitration (2016) as Dara:
Dara is daring and resilient. She is an embodiment of confidence, power and a woman who knows what she wants and will go to any length to get it. We can’t think of anyone else who would have brought this role to life more.

4. King of Boys (2018) as Kemi:
The foster daughter of Alhaja Salami who grew up to be part of her mother’s dirty business, Kemi is a powerful woman who has no fear whatsoever. We loved seeing her.

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5. The Wedding Party (2016/17) as Dunni:
Sweet and calm Dunni is a side of Adesua Etomi that we just love. She portrays her naive role so gracefully that you just can’t help but applaud her.

6. Falling (2015) as Muna:
With her husband dying in the hospital, Muna is that woman who stays true to her vows, For Better for Worst; In sickness, In health.

7. Muna (2019) as Muna:
With the Angelina Jolie vibes she gave, we could not help but enjoy Muna’s character and her journey to getting vengeance.

8. Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2014) as Debbie:
In her Debut film, Adesua is a domestically abused woman who continues to stay in her marriage for the love of God and the church hoping for a change.

9. Brave (2014) as Layomi:
Unlike Muna in Falling, Layomi is a wife struggling with the medical condition of her husband after an accident. She is torn between starting a new life for herself or staying to tend to the needs of a disabled husband.

10. Ayamma (2016) as Iko and Ihuoma:
Playing multiple characters, Adesua Etomi gives us a range of her talent in this film.

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